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OHIM and National Trade Mark Offices Announce Common Practice on Black & White Marks

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By David Rose Ray Black and Robert Guthrie KWM SJ Berwin’s Intellectual Property Group

David RoseRay BlackRobert GuthrieIn January this year, we reported on OHIM’s announcement of a new common practice for trade marks registered in black and white.  OHIM and the participating national offices have now issued a Common Communication, together with details of the implementation process. 

Summary of the New Common Practice

Under the new Common Practice, a black & white (or greyscale) mark will only be considered identical to a sign in colour where the differences between the signs are so insignificant that they will go unnoticed by the average consumer.  An insignificant difference will be one that a reasonably observant consumer will perceive only upon a side by side examination of the marks. Continue Reading


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作者:张保生 刘思远 金杜律师事务所国内诉讼

近年来,内幕交易行为在我国证券市场上呈多发态势,也成为证券市场监管和打击的重点。2008年至2012年,在中国证监会调查的证券违法案件中,内幕交易案件共计590件,占40%[1]。在2013年1月至10月中国证监会新增调查内幕交易案件158起,立案67起,占全部立案案件的42%[2]。近期光大证券“乌龙指”事件被证监会认定为内幕交易,更是使“内幕交易”成为证券界和法律界的热点话题。如何认定内幕交易?当事人因涉嫌内幕交易被调查,应当如何抗辩?本文结合我们处理内幕交易案件的实践经验,分享实务中对内幕交易的认定标准,并对涉案当事人如何进行免责抗辩提出我们的观点。 Continue Reading

“第二只鞋子终于落地”: 国家发改委颁布《境外投资项目核准和备案管理办法》

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作者:熊进 孙蕊 金杜律师事务所公司并购


根据2013目录所确立的原则,9号令对国家发改委于2004年发布的《境外投资项目核准暂行管理办法》(“21号令”)进行了大幅修改。新的核准和备案制度将于5月8日起正式施行,将极大简化各级发改委部门对中国企业海外投资审批(核准或备案)的流程。 Continue Reading

Notice of the Higher People’s Court of Beijing on Guidelines for Trial of Administrative Cases Involving Granting and Determination of Trademark Rights

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By Ding Xianjie Yang Hua   King & Wood Mallesons’ Trademark Group

According to Chinese Trademark Law, the party concerned in cases involving granting or determination of trademark rights against the decisions of the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB) under the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) must bring an administrative proceeding to the First Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing Municipality. The second instance made by the Higher People’s Court of Beijing ( “Beijing Higher Court“) is a final judgment.

Recently, Beijing Higher Court publishes the Guidelines of Trial of Administrative Cases Involving Granting and Determination of Trademark Rights (the “Guidelines“), which includes 30 Articles concerning the issues on recognition and protection of well-known trademarks, recognition and protection of geographical indications, determination of confusion and misidentification, protection of prior rights of copyright and rights to names, as well as the relevant court trial procedures under circumstances that the business license of a party has been revoked but the party has not gone through the termination formalities of its company. The main points are as below. Continue Reading


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作者:丁宪杰 杨华  金杜律师事务所商标


北京市高级人民法院(以下称“北京高院“)近日公布了关于商标授权确权行政案件的审理指南,指南共三十条,涉及驰名商标的认定与保护问题、地理标志的认定与保护问题、混淆误认的判断问题、涉及姓名权和著作权的在先权利的保护问题、以及诸如当事人被吊销营业执照但未注销等情况的审理程序问题。其中有以下要点值得关注: Continue Reading

Start Up Nation meets Buy Up Nation: How Israel can Play a Major Role in Making China an Innovation Giant

Posted in Foreign Investment

By Mark Schaub and Ray Black King & Wood Mallesons’ FDI Group

More than any other country,China has greatly benefitted from globalization. In the last 25 years China has risen to become the world’s workshop and a manufacturing giant.

However, there has been a small country that has undergone its own transformation in recent decades. Israel, a country in a “challenging” neighbourhood with a very limited domestic market, has become a technology innovation powerhouse. Indeed Google Chairman Eric Schmidt considers that “Israel has the most important high-tech centre in the world after the US.”

These two very different yet very complimentary countries are likely to find great scope for collaboration in the coming decades. They are certainly now looking for it. Continue Reading

中国进一步开放天然气基础设施市场 ——《天然气基础设施建设与运营管理办法》4月1日起生效

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《天然气基础设施建设与运营管理办法》(国家发展和改革委员会令第8号)(以下简称“《办法》”)由国家发改委于2014年2月28日发布,2014年4月1日生效。《办法》旨在规范天然气基础设施的建设与运营,鼓励各类资本进入天然气基础设施市场,进一步开放天然气基础设施市场,促进天然气市场的公平竞争与行业的发展。其要点如下: Continue Reading

KWM Prevails in Representation of Wong Lo Kat in Anti-unfair Competition of Advertisement Slogan Lawsuits

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By King & Wood Mallesons’ Healthcare Group

Guangdong JDB Beverage Company Limited (“JDB”) filed a lawsuit against Wong Lo Kat in Chongqing’s First Intermediate People’s Court (the “Court”), alleging that Wong Lo Kat’s advertisement slogan of “a bottle of Wanglaoji takes the fear of Shànghuǒ (i.e. excessive internal heat a cause of disease in Chinese perspective) away”, constitutes unfair competition. Although this case involved an advertisement slogan, it was heard in the court according to the Anti-unfair Competition Law rather than the Copyright and Trademark Laws, creating a novel cause of action. Continue Reading


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金杜律师团队代理大健康公司参加了开庭审理,从反不正当竞争法的立法本意论证了大健康公司使用该广告语的正当性,一审法院最终判决驳回加多宝公司全部诉讼请求,取得了广告语不正当竞争案的一审胜诉。 Continue Reading

KWM Prevails in Representation of Wong Lo Kat in a Series of Wanglaoji’s Taste Lawsuits

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By King & Wood Mallesons’ Healthcare Group

Since March 2013, “consumers” from several cities such as Jinan, Shenyang, Chongqing, Sanya have sued Wong Lo Kat Guangzhou Health Industry Co. Ltd. (“Wong Lo Kat”) for disputes over the sales and purchase agreements and product liabilities on the ground of “the change of taste in Wanglaoji’s herbal beverage”. KWM lawyers represented Wong Lo Kat, and succeeded in protecting our client’s legal interests and winning the “China’s first consumers’ taste safe-guarding case” and all of its subsequent relevant cases. Continue Reading