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B&R: New Opportunity for Solar PV Investments in India

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By Xiong Jin, Jin Yi and Hu Haipan King & Wood Mallesons’ Corporate & Securities group

xiong_jinBackground: Development of Renewable Energy

In India, coal still provides the lion’s share (up to 60%) of national energy production. As the world’s largest coal consumer and the third largest producer, India is faced with a great challenge in adjusting its energy structure.

India began to realize the importance of renewable energy during the 1970s. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has vigorously promoted the industry’s development.  According to the Intended Nationally Determined Contribution, India is committed to promoting the long-term sustainable development of clean energy. It aims to increase the use of non-fossil fuel for power generation to 40% by 2030. Continue Reading

中国: 自动驾驶蓄势待发

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作者:肖马克  赵新华



最新的一个进展是工业和信息化部(工信部)和国家标准化管理委员会(国标委)于2017年6月13日联合发布了《国家车联网产业体系建设指南(智能网联汽车)》(征求意见稿)(“指南意见稿”)。  指南意见稿意在加快推动智能网联汽车国家标准的建立,发挥标准体系在产业发展中的引领和支撑作用。指南意见稿展现了中国政府在自动驾驶领域的雄心并且也体现了中国政府通过顶层设计努力推动中国智能网联汽车的发展。 Continue Reading

CSIRO’s Data61 Releases Blockchain Study

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By Scott Farrell


On early June, CSIRO’s Data61 published two reports on the scientific findings of Australia’s leading digital research network into distributed ledger technology (including blockchain). The result of many months of scientific study, the reports distinguish themselves from the recent collection of reports, reviews and releases by addressing not only the technical risks and opportunities in the application of blockchain technologies within government and industry, but how to assess whether blockchain-based systems will meet critical requirements and also the plausible future impact, opportunities and challenges of the technology. Continue Reading


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2017年6月26日,香港铁路有限公司(00066.HK ,以下简称“港铁”)正式与杭州市政府及杭州市地铁集团在杭州签署了《杭州地铁5号线PPP项目特许协议》。这标志着自2012年金杜代表港铁成功投资杭州地铁1号线项目后,助力港铁在杭州赢得的又一城市轨道交通公私合营(PPP)项目。 Continue Reading


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作者:吴青 赖金明 

吴青laijinming上市公司的年报“够不够环保”已经成为了2017年上市公司年报期的热点议题。人民日报专门发文指出,在环境信息披露方面,大部分公司交出了“不好看的成绩单”[1]。为督促上市公司如实公开环境信息,环保部表示将研究制定《上市公司环境信息披露指南》[2],证监会副主席方星海也在博鳌亚洲论坛透露,证监会在研究对上市公司在排放方面的强制性披露要求[3]。面对日益严格的监管要求,上市公司到底如何进行环境信息公开才能“够环保”? Continue Reading


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近日,捷豹路虎有限公司(以下简称路虎公司)收到广东省高级人民法院的二审判决书,在与广州市奋力食品有限公司(以下简称奋力公司)的商标侵权纠纷中获得了二审胜诉判决。广东省高级人民法院维持了广州市中级人民法院(2014)穗中法知民初字第75号判决书,在同一案件中,认定三件商标“路虎”、“Land Rover”、“Land Rover及图”构成使用在陆地机动车辆商品上的驰名商标,判令奋力公司立即停止侵权,并赔偿路虎公司人民币120万元。

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丰县爆炸,杭州大火,一周之内,两起大型社会事件点燃了各大论坛和社交媒体平台的讨论版。与之前因为疏忽或自然原因造成的悲剧有所不同,这两起案件都是人为制造的刑事案件,许多本来不应牵涉其中的生命成为了无辜的受害者。 Continue Reading


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swinson_m作者:Michael Swinson


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IOT Issues: Allocating Liability

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swinson_mBy Michael Swinson
As risks associated with the Internet of Things become increasingly apparent, it is inevitable that legislators will need to grapple with how legal responsibility for these risks should be managed. This will give rise to complex issues, and difficult policy choices will need to be made to provide adequate protection for users, without creating the prospect of huge potential liabilities that may deter ongoing innovation and development of disruptive IoT technologies.

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