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The future of cybersecurity – WWTD? (What Would Trump Do?)

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By Yonah Baker and Daniella Phair. King & Wood Mallesons’ Melbourne office.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a non-profit policy research organisation in the United States, estimates that the theft of data and other IP results in a global cost between $450-600 billion each year.

To help counter this threat, the CSIS recently published a set of cybersecurity recommendations for the incoming Trump administration (CSIS Recommendations). In fact, cybersecurity issues were a recurring concern throughout the recent US presidential election campa… More…/更多


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作者:Yonah Baker 和 Daniella Phair 金杜律师事务所墨尔本办公室


为抵御这一威胁,CSIS最近向特朗普政府提出了一系列网络安全建议(CSIS建议)。事实上,网络安全是最近美国总统大选中反复讨论的一个问题,尽管CSIS不建议进行一次全面审查,但普遍认为特… More…/更多

RMB as a digital currency? China successfully completes its blockchain-based digital currency trial

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by Andrew Fei  King & Wood Mallesons’ New York office.

China’s central bank – the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) – has successfully completed a trial of a blockchain-based digital currency prototype system, taking it one step closer to becoming one of the first major central banks to issue its own digital currency. The PBOC also plans to officially launch a digital currency research institute. In light of these recent developments, this article explores the digitisation of China’s currency, the renminbi (RMB).

In recent years, RMB internationalisation has bec… More…/更多


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作者:保罗仕达、麦健思和 Nicholas Lee  金杜律师事务所香港办公室


虽然此项改革尚待香港立法会通过,但一旦通过,它可能引发资助领域的一连串行动,而过去18个月,在等待改革出炉期间,已有数名… More…/更多

The Price is Right? Third party funding in Hong Kong and its potential impact on the construction industry

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By Paul Starr, James McKenzie and Nicholas Lee. King & Wood Mallesons’ Hong Kong office.

In the recently released “Report on Third Party Funding for Arbitration” (“Report”) the Law Reform Commission (“LRC”) has recommended that the Arbitration Ordinance (Cap. 609) be amended to permit third party funding in arbitration, mediation and litigation proceedings under the Arbitration Ordinance.

Though the reform still awaits passage through Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, should it go ahead it is likely to herald a flurry of activity in the funding space, with … More…/更多

Senior management accountability: diverging paths across Europe

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By Dr. Barbara GeckCarl Richards, Tamasin Little King & Wood Mallesons

The private equity and venture capital industry has had to adapt to a changing regulatory landscape over the past few years, and for UK regulated fund managers there is another change on the horizon. The Senior Managers & Certification Regime (“SM&CR”) is a new UK framework for individuals that currently affects UK banks and large investment firms, but is set to be extended across all entities authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulatory Authority – which will incl… More…/更多

10 things you need to know about the Takeovers Panel this year

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By Diana Nicholson, Shaun McRobert David Friedlanderand David Jewkes. King & Wood Mallesons’ Australia office.

So, you haven’t had an opportunity to keep up with what’s happened in the Takeovers Panel this year? No matter, we’ve done the hard work for you. The 10 things you need to know are:

1. Bidders should exercise caution when seeking to deduct the value of franking credits from their bid consideration.

Bidders generally reduce their bid consideration by the value of any dividend received by a target shareholder during the bid period. Recently, bidders have also soug… More…/更多

Case study: Belt and Road disputes – Choosing Hong Kong as the seat of arbitration

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By Paul Starr King & Wood Mallesons’ Hong Kong office


China’s Belt and Road initiative brings new investment opportunities but also an increased need for careful risk management. Prior to entering into any investments, it is important for contracting parties to consider their dispute resolution options and to ensure these are properly reflected in the contracts.

Arbitration has advantages over litigation, particularly when the courts closest to an investment are in countries where investors may be less familiar with the legal system. This case study discusses t… More…/更多


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作者:保罗仕达 金杜律师事务所香港办公室



仲裁与诉讼相比有许多优势,尤其是有时投资者可能对最接近投资地的法院所处国家的法律体系较不熟悉。本案例分析将重点分析选择香港作为仲裁地有… More…/更多

UK government pledges long-term investment for a post-Brexit Britain

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By Simon Witney Laura Charkin Stephen Pevsner Adrian Brettell King & Wood Mallesons’ London office.

In the face of great uncertainty, the UK government announced on Wednesday that it will borrow more to invest for the long-term. It is welcome that some of this additional investment will be channelled through the venture capital sector, and the government clearly believes that the benefits of private equity-style investing can be harnessed to help Britain meet the undeniable challenges it is likely to face as it enters the Brexit negotiations.

Read full article, please click hMore…/更多


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作者:潘乐(Peter Bullock)金杜律师事务所香港办公室



Unlocking the power of battery storage data in Australia

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By Scott Gardiner and Lauren Murphy. King & Wood Mallesons’ Sydney office

Rising rates of solar power and battery uptake present an unprecedented opportunity for Australia’s energy consumers. To truly harness the market potential, however, they must leverage technological advances such as better quality, real-time consolidated data.

While data accessibility has improved significantly in the renewables sector in recent years, data usage has remained limited for distributed energy resources. This is expected to change as energy storage becomes cheaper and more ac… More…/更多

What does Trump’s election mean for the private equity and venture capital industry?

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By George Pinkham Parik Dasgupta Laura Brunnen Dr. Christian Cornett King & Wood Mallesons

Last week, the world woke to the news that Donald Trump had scored a stunning upset. Since then, many commentators have tried to understand what this means for the American economy, for immigration (and wall-builders), and for world peace – among other vital topics. But, just as he was the most unpredictable of candidates, Mr Trump is likely to be a very unpredictable President – and it is hard to see what he has in store for the American people and the world at large.

Read full article, plea… More…/更多

The vital role of the European Investment Fund

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By Ed Hall Rob Mailer Ajay Pathak Cindy Valentine King & Wood Mallesons’ London office.

The European venture capital landscape has come a long way since the establishment of the European Investment Fund (EIF) on 14 June 1994, and the EIF has played a significant role in the progress that has been made in the sector. Established with the primary aim of driving innovation and growth among small and medium sized businesses in the EU, the EIF has become invaluable for many venture and smaller buyout funds; a number of which may not have been raised without the EIF’s cornerst… More…/更多

MiFID II – client classification, agreements, reporting to clients and telephone taping

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By Tim Dolan and Charlotte Collins King & Wood Mallesons’ London office.

Firms dealing with clients need to be aware of various changes under MiFID II, many of which will require careful reviews of policies and procedures. This alert covers some of the key changes in relation to client obligations, many of which are designed to increase client protection and therefore will result in more onerous obligations for firms.

Changes in relation to the suitability and appropriateness requirements, and best execution, will be covered in separate alerts.

Read full article, please clic… More…/更多

The discretionary disappearing trick: when bonus clauses are not what they seem

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By Cerys Williams King & Wood Mallesons’ London office

Bonus discretion, or the lack of it, has been under judicial scrutiny again this month in the Court of Appeal decision of Brogden v Investec.

The case concerned the operation of a contractual bonus scheme with a set percentage of “EVA” (Economic Value Added) by a division within Investec being put into a bonus pool for subsequent distribution to participating employees. The EVA was calculated by an automated process but impacted by factors over which Investec had control, such as the notional rate of interest applied to f… More…/更多

Navigating Novation: Are your liquidated damages safe?

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By Scott Budd King & Wood Mallesons’Brisbane office.

The novation of a construction contract to new owners of works is commonplace. The result of a novation is that the original contract is discharged and a new contract is created. And commonly, such novations are effected through pro forma or standard form novation deeds which do no more than simply provide for the change in parties.

Read full article, please click here.… More…/更多

Uber taxi drivers are “workers”, not self-employed contractors

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By Sarah-Jane Van den Bergh, King & Wood Mallesons’ London office.

Uber’s business model could be under threat after a recent employment tribunal ruled that its drivers are “workers” not self-employed. Such worker status entitles Uber drivers to various rights and protections under employment legislation, including, amongst others.

Read  full article, please click here.… More…/更多

Shareholder consent and shareholder dissent: An update

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By Will Heath and Ann-Kathrin Goller. King & Wood Mallesons’ Melbourne office.

Two recent cases have confirmed important corporate governance rules relating to shareholder consent to directors’ conduct and shareholders’ rights to remove directors.

First, the Storm case demonstrates that the unanimous consent and involvement by a company’s shareholders in the misconduct of its directors does not absolve the directors from a breach of their statutory duty to exercise reasonable care and diligence. The statutory duty requires a director to make an objective … More…/更多

10 things you need to know about the Internet of Things

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by Michael Swinson,Cheng Lim King & Wood Mallesons Melbourne, Australia

1. The Internet of Things (IoT) merges the physical and the digital worlds …

The IoT translates physical actions into digital reactions, and vice versa, by linking sensors on physical objects, via a communications network, to some centralised or distributed computing power. The classic example is the internet-connected fridge that automatically orders milk from your grocery store when you are running low.

Read The Full Article Please Click HereMore…/更多


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For those considering real estate investment in Australia, Investing Down Under offers a quick overview of the legal, taxation, FIRB and structuring issues you may encounter, together with key practical cons… More…/更多

Invest Europe to encourage more investment by pension funds

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By Isabel Rodríguez Patrick Deasy Alexandrine Armstrong-Cerfontaine and Emidio Cacciapuoti King & Wood Mallesons

As previously reported in Private Equity Comment, pension funds are the largest single source for European private equity and venture capital funds – according to Invest Europe data they have accounted for almost a third of capital raised in Europe in the last three years. And although many are seeking to increase their allocation to the asset class, there are still a number of potential pension fund investors with limited experience and understanding of how th… More…/更多

10 things you need to know about getting ready for the “data boom”

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By Kate Jackson-Maynes, Cheng Lim, Michael Swinson, Annabel Griffin, Smriti Arora and Lauren Murphy, King & Wood Mallesons Australia

1. Data is an abundant resource…

In the new information economy, we are creating more data than ever before through our connected behaviour, our sharing of information, video and music on social networks and our spending patterns. And we will create even more data when the 20 billion connected devices that we use or interact with come online through the Internet of Things (IoT). “Big Data” refers to these very large and complex data sets (ch… More…/更多

A Song of Fire and Ice in the PRC M-Health Market

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By Zhang Yunwei (Mark) , Yao Jinchuang and Zhan Jia King & Wood Mallesons Shanghai ,China

With the rapid development of information network technology, healthcare system reform and M-health policy support from the PRC[1] government, the Chinese mobile health market which emerged in 2014 has grown quickly. More and more pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers and trading companies (“Healthcare Companies”) are actively seeking to engage in the Chinese mobile health market. This trend which affects the relationship between Healthcare Companies and patients, may … More…/更多