By Andrew Fei King & Wood Mallesons’ sydney office

On 18 August 2017, as part of the Chinese government’s ongoing efforts to regulate overseas investments by Chinese companies, China’s State Council published a set of investment guidelines (Guidelines) formulated by four key regulators – the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, People’s Bank of China and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (collectively, PRC Regulators). Continue Reading China issues guidelines on overseas investments

By  Urszula McCormack, Lauren Dray and Violet Wong King & Wood Mallesons’ Hong Kong office

The global standard-setter on anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist financing (“AML/CTF”), the Financial Action Task Force (“FATF”) held its recent plenary meeting in Valencia, Spain on 21-23 June 2017.

Key coverage included the ongoing fight against terrorist financing, improving transparency and beneficial ownership, “de-risking” and the application of the risk-based approach (“RBA”).

In this article, we set out 8 key points covered at the plenary meeting and provide 8 key takeaways for financial institutions operating in Hong Kong (“FIs”). Continue Reading FATF Plenary: 8 things you should know

作者:Scott Farrell韩巍邬素岚周昕 金杜律师事务所


以太坊依赖区块链——由他人独立核实并载于分布式账本中的交易记录。这种技术也是比特币的基础。但是,比特币区块链主要用来做一件事:进行比特币交易。而以太坊则可作为可编程的基础设施。这意味着以太坊是适应性和灵活性更强的开发平台。 Continue Reading 什么是以太坊?这10点能帮到你

By Urszula McCormack, Heidi Machin, Lauren Dray, Jack Nelson, Marina Lauer, Hannah Glass and Henry Wells King & Wood Mallesons

Token sales are rapidly gaining momentum as the darling of capital raising in the digital economy. Huge sums have been raised; some tokens have experienced skyrocketing valuations; many believe no regulation applies. This has caused a strong “fear of missing out” effect among those looking to get involved in this rapidly growing space. Continue Reading “Know Your Token”: A guide to participating in token sales

By Alex Maschmedt, Louise Yun King & Wood Mallesons

The National Transport Commission (NTC) has released a discussion paper outlining four regulatory options to govern the safety of driverless cars and other autonomous vehicles in Australia. These include:

  1. Continuing the current approach
  2. Self-certification
  3. Pre-market approval
  4. Accreditation

These proposals mark an important step in developing a complete regulatory framework to support the large-scale roll-out of automated vehicles in the near future. The NTC is currently seeking feedback on each of the options proposed, along with any other issues that may arise in the regulation of driverless car technology. Subsequently, the NTC will formulate recommendations to submit to Australian transport ministers in November 2017.

This article evaluates the four regulatory options in light of current Australian practices surrounding vehicle safety and governance. Continue Reading The Regulatory Road for Driverless Cars in Australia

作者:Alex Maschmedt,Louise Yun 金杜律师事务所


  1. 沿用现有措施
  2. 自我证明
  3. 入市前审批
  4. 认证


本文将结合澳大利亚车辆安全和治理现有实践对这四种方案进行评析。 Continue Reading 澳大利亚无人驾驶汽车监管之路

By Scott Farrell, Eli Han, Urszula McCormack, Stanley Zhou King & Wood Mallesons

Ethereum uses blockchain technology …

Ethereum relies on a blockchain — a transaction record that is independently verified by others and held on a distributed ledger. The same technology underpins Bitcoin. However, the Bitcoin blockchain is predominantly designed to do one thing: facilitate Bitcoin transactions. Ethereum, on the other hand, is designed to act as programmable infrastructure. This means that Ethereum is a more adaptable and flexible development platform.

Continue Reading 10 Things You Need to Know about Ethereum

By Urszula McCormack and Jack Nelson King & Wood Mallesons’ Hong Kong office.

Recently, two major online marketplaces dealing in drugs, stolen goods and weapons were shut down through the combined efforts of international law enforcement agencies.

This article describes what happened, and how such “dark net marketplaces” operate. It highlights how law enforcement agencies are working together (and getting creative) to tackle internet-based crime. We also flag the key issues that you should be thinking about in order to prevent your business networks from inadvertently participating in these marketplaces. Continue Reading What Does the AlphaBay Takedown Mean for You?

作者:Vanessa Docherty  金杜律师事务所伦敦办公室



“未能防止”帮助他人在英国逃税;和“未能防止”帮助他人在海外逃税。 Continue Reading 《2017年刑事金融法案》(草案第二版)的影响

作者:Robert Edel 金杜律师事务所帕斯办公室

坦桑尼亚议会通过了三项关于自然资源领域改革的新法案,并修订了部分现有法律。6月29日提出修改后,即便面对矿业领域的反对,议会也于7月3日、4日迅速予以通过。至本文刊登时,三项法案和对现有法律的修订已获得坦桑尼亚议会通过,但尚未公布。 Continue Reading 立法改革对坦桑尼亚资源领域的影响