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Revised Amendment to the PRC Food Safety Law

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By king&WoodMallesons’ Compliance Group The “People’s Republic of China Food Safety Law (Revised Amendment)” (“Revised Amendment“) was submitted for public comment via National People’s Congress’ official website in June 2014. The first Amendment is the “People’s Republic of China Food Safety Law (“Amendment“), which was submitted to the State Council for comments in late 2013…. Continue Reading

PRC Food Safety Law: Food for Thought

Posted in Corporate, International Trade

By Mark Schaub  King & Wood Mallesons’ FDI Group According to Chinese media reports last year, six children died and nearly 300,000 others were sickened after consuming milk powder containing melamine, a toxic industrial chemical that was added to show a higher protein level in the milk powder. The melamine contamination of dairy products was… Continue Reading

Milk Mayhem – China Food Safety System in Flux

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The current concerns about the spiking of dairy products in China with melamine have expanded into concerns about the state of Chinese food safety generally.   The problem does not appear to be a lack of regulations as there are a myriad of  relevant laws, regulations and rules (including PRC Food Hygiene Law, PRC Product… Continue Reading