By King & Wood’s Trademark  Practice

Trademarks should be registered wherever the products that carry those trademarks go. This has become a motto for exporters in Yixing. According to preliminary statistics conducted by local authorities, over 200 trademarks have been registered abroad, and the number of such trademark owners increase from 10 to more than 20 in Yixing.

In the past, export enterprises in Yixing always encountered a dilemma: goods without their own brand were treated as inferior ones and had no access to the big supermarkets or shopping malls in foreign countries, while the goods which had marks that enjoyed a certain reputation among consumers were usually preemptively registered by foreign dealers of the said goods or their clients.

Facing these difficulties, export enterprises in Yixing became aware of the value and importance of timely registration of the trademarks in foreign countries. YiXing Xinxing Zirconium Co., Ltd is the largest manufacturer of zirconium chemicals in China, and it is the first global company to share in the international market among Chinese enterprises of the same kind. In 2008, Xinxing had its trademark "龙晶" registered under the Madrid System. Now the trademark is protected in 30 countries globally. Currently, 60% of the products of Xinxing are exported to EU, USA, Japan and other countries and regions. Xinxing is now enjoying a significant expansion in its export volume. Yixing Lion-King Timber Industry Co., Ltd is another example which benefits from international trademark registration. More than 90% of Lion-King’s flooring products are exported to international markets and its export volume exceeds RMB 100 million Yuan this year.