This article was written by King & Wood Mallesons’ Labor law group.

We split the explanation of Beijing authorities’ Answers to Questions of Law Application in the Handling of Employment Disputes published on 24 April 2017 into three parts, in order that the Answers’ main provisions can be easily understood. This is the second part of our explanation.

The circumstances constituting “major changes in objective circumstances” 

The Answers provides that“a major change in objective circumstances” means a change after the conclusion of an employment contract that could not be foreseen at the conclusion of the contract, and renders the employment contract or its main articles unenforceable, or makes continued performance result in unfair situations such as excessive cost, which will then in turn make the purpose of the contract difficult to be achieved. Continue Reading Summary of Beijing Authorities’ Answers to Questions of Law Application in the Handling of Employment Disputes (Part Two)

This article was written by King & Wood Mallesons’ Labor law group.

On 24 April, 2017, the Beijing Higher People’s Court and the Beijing Employment and Labour Arbitration Commission jointly issued a document entitled Answers to Questions of Law Application in the Handling of Employment Disputes (the “Answers”), referred to as “Meeting Minutes 3” when it was being drafted and discussed. Attacking controversial issues head on, the ambitious Answers aims to harmonize rules applicable to difficult disputes, and was given high expectations at the outset. Continue Reading Summary of Beijing Authorities’ Answers to Questions of Law Application in the Handling of Employment Disputes (Part One)

By Xu Xiaodan King & Wood Mallesons’ Commercial & Regulatory group

xu_xiaodanAnswers to Questions on Trial of Labor Disputes (IV) (“Answers (IV)”] was released by the Zhejiang High People’s Court and the Labor Disputes Arbitration Commission of Zhejiang Province on 30 December 2016. These clarify some common questions about judicial practice and existing rules. The following questions arise:

Is an employee entitled to double his salary if statutory clauses are not included in his employment contract?

Pursuant to Answers (IV), if an employment contract omits statutory clauses (such as employment duration, job duties, remuneration, labour protection, working conditions) but there is a genuine intention for the parties (employer and employee) to establish an employment relationship, the contract is likely to be deemed valid. The employee’s claim for double his salary will not be supported. In this situation, the parties can negotiate any omissions in the contract. Failing this, relevant provisions from collective contracts (if any), laws and regulations can be applied. Continue Reading Latest Judicial Guidance on Labor Disputes in Zhejiang Province

作者:徐晓丹 金杜律师事务所商务合规部



解答(四)认为,对于缺乏劳动合同期限、工作内容、劳动报酬、劳动保护、劳动条件等部分内容的劳动合同,如果能够确定合同双方当事人主体身份且能够认定该合同系双方的真实意思表示,一般可认定合同成立,劳动者主张二倍工资的,不予支持。对合同欠缺的内容,双方当事人可以重新协商,协商不成的可适用集体合同及国家有关规定。 Continue Reading 浙江省劳动争议最新审判口径

By Lucy Lu, Ding Wu  King & Wood Mallesons’ Commercial & Regulatory group

陆慧文At the end of 2015, the Administrative Examination and Approval Reform Office of the State Council decided to integrate the Employment Permit for Foreigners (issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security) and the Foreign Expert Work Permit (issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) into the Foreigner’s Work Permit in China. This new policy has been implemented nationwide since 1 April 2017. Being more than just a simple combination of permits, the “Two-in-One License” reform realizes the unified management of foreigner’s employment in China. Below are highlights of the new policy.

Unification of the Certificate Name  Continue Reading New Policy on Foreigner’s Employment in China

作者:陆慧文 丁戊 金杜律师事务所商务合规部



本次新版许可在旧版的基础上,对许可证书进行了整合。原《外国专家来华工作许可证》、《外国人就业许可证》统一整合为《外国人工作许可通知》,采用电子化在线打印;原《外国专家证》和《外国人就业证》统一整合为《外国人工作许可证》。《外国人工作许可证》作为外国人在中国工作的合法证件,一人一号、终生不变。 Continue Reading 外国人就业新政:1+1>2?

作者:姜俊禄 梁燕玲 徐晓丹 金杜律师事务所劳动法团队 



  • 有条件地确认了在特定情形下企业的单方调岗权利;
  • 列举“劳动合同无法继续履行”的若干情形;
  • 放宽试用期解除的审查标准;
  • “客观情况发生重大变化”的情形;
  • 劳动者严重违反劳动纪律和职业道德的,用人单位可以解除劳动合同;
  • 劳动者提前解除劳动合同时特殊待遇的处理;
  • 即使符合签订无固定期限劳动合同条件,实际已签订的固定期限劳动合同也有效。

Continue Reading 不谈理想,聊聊工资——北京最新劳动争议审理意见解读(三)

作者:姜俊禄 梁燕玲 徐晓丹 金杜律师事务所劳动法团队 


  • 有条件地确认了在特定情形下企业的单方调岗权利;
  • 列举“劳动合同无法继续履行”的若干情形;
  • 放宽试用期解除的审查标准。

本篇将从第四点开始分享。 Continue Reading 上班玩王者荣耀,难道开不掉?——北京最新劳动争议审理意见解读(二)

作者:姜俊禄 梁燕玲 徐晓丹 金杜律师事务所劳动法团队 



惊喜有之、遗憾有之,《解答》干货十足,我们将分三期与各位分享。 Continue Reading 试用期解除终于比离婚简单了——北京最新劳动争议审理意见解读(一)

BY Lucy Lu,Li Xin and Hang Ying. King & Wood Mallesons’ Commercial & Regulatory group.

陆慧文According to the PRC labor laws, an employer is obliged to ensure employee’s right to stipulated medical treatment period if an employee is suffering from illness.  In practice, when an employee goes to the hospital and seeks professional advice from a doctor, the doctor will take account of all factors concerning illness and health risks of the employee and then issue official medical certificate, with which the employee may apply for sick leave with the employer.  Accordingly, under this general sick leave application practice, if an ill-meaning employee is well acquainted with some doctors from the hospital who provides him or her with fake or improper medical certificate, the employee may apply for sick leave with the employer, an act deemed as unreasonable application for sick leave. What measures can an employer prepare to prevent the abovementioned situations from happening? And what measures can an employer take against the employee who has already enjoyed unreasonable sick leave? Below we recommend several tricks to employers for dealing with such occasions. Continue Reading How to deal with Employees’ Unreasonable Application for Sick Leave