Authors: Dorothy MurrayDarren Roiser;Natalie Quinlivan   King & Wood Mallesons


As we start the Chinese year of the pig, we have been wishing our clients and colleagues prosperity (生意兴隆) and smooth business (工作顺利).

But do we see these wishes reflected in the outlook for international business in the UK in the year to come?

We review Six (六) key commercial litigation and investigation developments of the last year and predict their future impact.  We leave Brexit aside for this post; the levels of uncertainty at the time of writing are too much for any oracle. Continue Reading New year, new litigation risk: what to expect this year


目前,西班牙作为欧洲最稳定、经济增长最迅猛的国家之一,物价恢复,失业率逐步下降,经济复苏强劲。经合组织已将其对西班牙2018年和2019年GDP增长率的预测分别提高至2.34%和2.08%。同时,西班牙还是通往拉丁美洲、北美洲及南欧的大门,其交通和基础设施系统可以帮助中国投资者快速、便捷地进入这些市场。 Continue Reading 《在西班牙做生意》(2018)中英双语发布


澳大利亚拥有大量知识产权法律,能够保护与大多数数商业活动相关的品牌和创意。在澳大利亚,受保护知识产权的主要形式包括商标、版权、专利和设计。这一体系由澳大利亚联邦政府下属机构知识产权局负责规管。 Continue Reading 在澳大利亚经商 | 品牌保护

by  Dr. Tilmann Becker, Dr. Christian Cornett, Dr. Sandra Link and Hui Zhao  King & Wood Mallesons



In the near future, the European Union may adopt a regime for foreign investments into the EU and such future EU rules may well reach beyond last year’s proposal from the European Commission regarding the establishment of a framework for screening foreign investments in the European Union. Material EU rules, however, will most likely not apply before 2020 (at the earliest). Thus, for now the focus in Europe is on the national foreign investment regimes. Continue Reading Changing Legal Environment for Foreign Investments into Germany

作者:冯素芳 孙兴  金杜律师事务所  公司业务部

2017年7月,国务院办公厅印发了关于《禁止洋垃圾入境推进固体废物进口管理制度改革实施方案》(以下简称“《实施方案》”)。《实施方案》印发1年来,中国固体废物进口管理制度改革加快推进,主管部门接连发布多项相关政策法规,严厉打击“洋垃圾”走私,强化固体废物进口监管,把住境外源头关,促进国内固体废物无害化、资源化利用,保护生态环境安全。结合多项新规,我们认为固体废物进口管理制度改革推进已显现出以下趋势: Continue Reading 浅析中国固体废物进口管理制度改革的主要趋势

by Guo Shining , Edwina Kwan  , Josephine Lao    King & Wood Mallesons


In recent years, China has experienced unprecedented economic, military and diplomatic growth. China is now regarded as the number one economic superpower by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the basis of gross domestic product (GDP), surpassing the United States. Beginning with its accession to the World Trade Organisation, there have been a number of recent initiatives that have contributed to China’s prolific involvement in global trade and investment including: Continue Reading The rise of Chinese investors as claimants: What are the likely impacts on international arbitration?