Private Equity Transactions

by: Yong Kaichang  Jackie(Jiahe) Yu   King & Wood Mallesons  International Partner of Securities Group

In cross border transactions, there is sometimes a misconception amongst both PRC and foreign parties that all contracts are by and large the same, whether governed by PRC law or foreign law, and that the key to a good contract is just proper drafting. Continue Reading Global M&A: Know the differences btw PRC & foreign law contracts

By Mark Schaub and Atticus Zhao   King & Wood Mallesons

The automotive sector is facing the twin disruptions of new energy and autonomous cars.

It is eye-catching that one of the major initiatives to further open up China’s economy announced by President Xi Jinping at the Boao Forum on 10 April 2018 was large scale relaxation of foreign investment restrictions in the auto sector. Shortly after President Xi’s announcement the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) revealed that foreign ownership limits on automakers would be phased out over a 5-year transition period which would start on 17 April 2018. Continue Reading Impact of China Removal of Foreign Ownership Restrictions in Auto Sector

作者:陈青东    杨帆   金杜律师事务所   公司业务部

2018年6月28日,中国国家发改委和中国商务部发布了《外商投资准入特别管理措施(负面清单)(2018年版)》(“2018年版负面清单”)。与《外商投资产业指导目录(2017年修订)》(“2017年版产业指导目录”)相比,2018年版负面清单全面放开了对航运、造船行业的外商投资限制。 Continue Reading 2018年版负面清单全面放开对航运、造船行业的外商投资限制




Continue Reading 理脉原创 | 拟IPO企业员工激励问题证监会反馈意见关注重点


On 8th June 2018, King & Wood Mallesons (“KWM”) advised Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. (“FII”) on its successful listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As one of the top manufacturing unicorn enterprises, FII issued 1.96 billion shares with an offering price of RMB 13.77 per share, raising more than RMB 27.1 billion. The successful completion marks one of the largest A-share IPOs in the past three years to the date, and ranks as the 11th largest listing of A-share capital markets in China. Continue Reading King & Wood Mallesons advises Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. on its successful A-share listing


2018年6月8日,富士康工业互联网股份有限公司(“工业富联”)于上海证券交易所成功上市。作为高端制造领域的“独角兽”企业,工业富联本次以13.77元/股的价格发行1,969,530,023股股票,募集资金总额为2,712,042.84万元,创近3年以来A股IPO最大规模项目纪录,也成为中国A股有史以来第11大IPO项目。 Continue Reading 金杜助力富士康工业互联网股份有限公司首次公开发行A股股票并上市