Data security and compliance is the primary concern for enterprises in the era of digital economy. Failure to ensure data security and the compliance of data processing will leave enterprises exposed to data breach, data loss and other security incidents. Without data asset design, data development and utilization would be out of the question.

As one of the first law firms in China advising on data security and compliance issues, King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) has always been focusing on guiding clients through full life cycle development and utilization of data in a safe and orderly manner and in compliance with laws and regulations.

Over the past few years, the KWM cybersecurity, data compliance and governance team has written over a hundred articles on artificial intelligence, data compliance and cybersecurity. Among them, 54 insightful articles published during 2016-2020 were selected into this KWM INSIGHTS: Cybersecurity, Data Compliance and Governance in Digital Society to share our thoughts from the perspectives of laws, legislation and enforcement, and legal issues. Hopefully, this publication can be useful for you to better understand and apply relevant policies.