By Jiao Hongbin, Liu Yuxin King and Wood Mallesons’ IP group

Recently, Guangzhou IP Court ruled on its first trademark infringement and unfair competition case regarding parallel import, in which it found such acts should neither constitute trademark infringement nor unfair competition. Continue Reading First Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Case regarding Parallel Import Concluded by Guangzhou IP Court

作者:矫鸿彬 刘宇欣 金杜律师事务所知识产权部


平行进口通常指”未经知识产权权利人的同意,将国外合法生产的产品进口到国内”的行为。中国司法实践中对该行为的合法性尚无相关明确规定。在该案中,广州市南沙区人民法院及广州知识产权法院均认为,在平行进口的产品系在国外合法生产的正品的情况下,平行进口行为并不构成商标侵权及不正当竞争。两审法院的观点概述如下: Continue Reading 广州知识产权法院首例涉平行进口商标侵权及不正当竞争纠纷尘埃落定

by Xu Jing King and Wood Mallesons’ IP group

On April 21, 2020, Beijing Higher People’s Court released the Guidelines on Determination of Damages and Statutory Damages in Disputes over Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition (the “Guidelines”). It provides detailed guidelines on methods of damages calculation, punitive damages, recovery of attorney fees, evidence rules on defendant’s failure of producing evidence, and statutory damages. While the Guidelines have binding force among all the courts in Beijing, but it mirrors many existing practices across the country and is actually a secondary authority for all People’s courts. This note serves as an overview of those provisions related to trademark and passing off in the Guidelines followed by our comments and recommendations. Continue Reading Guidelines on Damages Calculation in IP Disputes

作者:徐静 金杜律师事务所知识产权部

2020年4月21日,北京市高级人民法院发布《北京市高级人民法院关于侵害知识产权及不正当竞争案件确定损害赔偿的指导意见及法定赔偿的裁判标准》(以下简称“《指导意见》”)。《指导意见》对损害赔偿计算的方式、惩罚性赔偿、律师费、举证妨碍以及法定赔偿等问题提供了较为详细的指引。尽管《指导意见》仅在北京高级人民法院辖区的各级法院适用,但是其与各地法院诸多既存的实践相一致,可以作为各地法院实践的参考。本文旨在对《指导意见》与商标及仿冒类不正当竞争案件的相关条款进行简单介绍,并提供我们的建议。 Continue Reading 北京市高级人民法院发布知识产权案件损害赔偿计算指导意见

Triumph Controls UK Limited & others v Primus International Holding Company & others [2019]

Written by Barri Mendelsohn

This case covers the typical arguments which arise in SPA disputes in circumstances where a target does not perform as well as expected.  In March 2019, the UK’s High Court handed down its judgment on, amongst others, three key areas which corporate lawyers, buyers and sellers should be mindful of, being: Continue Reading Share purchase agreements: Lessons for Seller

Triumph Controls UK Limited等诉 Primus International Holding Company [2019]

作者:Barri Mendelsohn

本案涵盖在目标公司业绩未达预期的情况下,有关股份购买协议纠纷的典型争议。2019年3月,英国高等法院就公司律师、买方和卖方应当注意的三个关键方面做出判决,其中包括: Continue Reading 股份购买协议:对卖方的启示

Yu Leimin, Wang Rong, Zhang Yushi

On May 9, 2020 the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (the “CBIRC”) published the Interim Measures on the Administration of the Online Lending of Commercial Banks (Consultation Paper) (the “Consultation Paper”) on its website, soliciting comments from the public officially.  As the Interim Measures on the Administration of the Online Lending of Commercial Banks is an important regulation to be promulgated, which, among others, is indicated in the legislative plan of the CBIRC in 2020, the release of the Consultation Paper would accelerate the promulgation and implementation thereof. Continue Reading Consultation Paper Issued to Regulate the Commercial Banks’ Online Lending Business

作者:虞磊珉、汪镕、张玙诗 金杜律师事务所

2020年5月9日,中国银行保险监督管理委员会(“银保监会”)在其官方网站发布了《商业银行互联网贷款管理暂行办法(征求意见稿)》(“征求意见稿”),正式向社会公众征求意见。作为银保监会2020年规章立法工作计划中的一项重要规章文件,征求意见稿的公布,意味着《商业银行互联网贷款管理暂行办法》将加速落地实施。 Continue Reading 商业银行互联网贷款业务规则征求意见