By Zhang Shouzhi Li Xiang and Zhang Mei King and Wood’s International Trade  Group

This article continues to discuss Legal Issues in Contracts for Sale of Large-sized Complete Set Equipment. The first part of this article was published on Chinalawinsight on October 2011.

II. Delivery and Acceptance

Because large-sized complete set equipment are often composed of multiple parts, it is customary for the manufacturing and delivery of equipment to occur in conjunction with the assembly sequence. Accordingly, there are multiple deliveries, installations and inspections during the contract performance. The general procedures are as follows:

A. Inspection

The first inspection of the equipment is usually an open-package joint inspection conducted by both parties upon the arrival of the equipment at the destination port. If the package appears intact, yet after inspection the equipment is found damaged, defective, short of quantity or not conforming to the quality standards and specifications, the buyer is entitled to request the seller to repair, replace, or supplement the parts in question or to claim compensation. If problems are found to arise from the transportation, the buyer’s claim should be made against the carrier or insurance company. As an extra precaution, the buyer sometimes dispatches staff to do a preliminary inspection at the seller’s factory or at the departure port before loading of the equipment.Continue Reading Legal Issues in Contracts for Sale of Large-sized Complete Set Equipment (Part II of II)

作者:张守志 张梅 李响 金杜律师事务所国际贸易

本文分两部分刊登, 2011年10月12日金杜法律博客(Chinalawinsight)刊登的了本文的第一部分。文章第二部分将继续对《大型成套设备买卖合同中的法律问题》进行解读。

二、 交货及验收



设备的第一次检验通常是在到达目的港后由买卖双方联合进行开箱检验。在包装完好的情况下,如检验发现设备存在损坏、缺陷、短少或不符合质量标准和规格的情况,买方有权要求买方修理、更换、补供或赔偿。如是运输中发生的问题,则需向承运人或保险公司索赔。有时,为稳妥起见,买方也会在设备生产完毕后或发货前,派员到卖方工厂或发货港对设备进行装船前预检。Continue Reading 大型成套设备买卖合同中的法律问题(二)

By Zhang Shouzhi Li Xiang and Zhang Mei King and Wood’s International Trade  Group

As the third-largest trading nation in the world, China’s import and export volume increases significantly year by year, among which, certain percentage of transactions relates to import and export of large-sized complete set equipment. Compared with common commodity trading, large-sized complete set equipment trading are much more complicated, involving commercial, technical, legal and financial issues relating to not only commodity trade but also intellectual property protection and services. In addition, large-sized complete set equipment are normally expensive amounting to tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars and such equipment can be crucial for the production and business operation of an enterprise. Thus, any disputes if not resolved successfully may lead serious consequences.Continue Reading Legal Issues in Contracts for Sale of Large-sized Complete Set Equipment (Part I of II)

作者:张守志 张梅 李响 金杜律师事务所国际贸易


结合大型成套设备买卖通常易发生的法律纠纷,重点应关注以下几方面:Continue Reading 大型成套设备买卖合同中的法律问题(一)