Authored by: Ning Xuanfeng (Susan) , Wu Han , Zhang Kaixun , Xu Mengyue and Jin Fengming

On June 30, in order to regulate cross-border data transfer activities (hereafter “CBDT Activities”), and protect and facilitate the free flow of personal information in a secure environment, the Cyberspace Administration of China (hereafter “CAC”) released the long-awaited Standard Contracts Clauses Rules (hereinafter “CAC SCC Rules”) and the accompanying Standard Contracts Clauses (hereinafter “CAC SCC”) for public consultation. As a regulation implementing Article 38 of the Personal Information Protection Law (hereinafter “PIPL”), CAC SCC Rules is in line with the previously released draft Cross-border Data Transfer Security Assessment Measures (hereinafter “Security Assessment Measures”), the draft Network Data Security Administrative Regulation (hereinafter “Network Data Regulation”), and other regulations related to CBDT Activities’ governance, improving the enforceability of Article 38 of the PIPL.

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