Authored by: Seagull Song

In response to the rapid development of Generative AI services in the past few months, especially the launch of ChatGPT since last December, on April 11, 2023, Chinese Cyberspace Administration issued a draft policy Measures on the Management of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services (“Draft AI Policy”), soliciting feedback from the general public with respect to the regulation and management of Generative AI services.

The Draft AI policy addressed a few important topics surrounding AI and AIGC, including (1) the definition of Generative AI and to what extend this Draft AI Policy should apply; (2) whether text and data mining (“TDM”) might constitute copyright infringement in training AI; (3) misinformation risks associated with AIGC; (4) data privacy issue; and last but not least (5) security evaluation of AI service provider and its filing procedure etc.

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