By Stanley Zhou, Janet Gu and Leimin Yu 金杜律师事务所金融资本部

Nowadays payment service is increasingly interweaving into commerce and the Internet in China. Its role as the last-mile infrastructure provider connecting the two arenas for many business models is increasingly being appreciated by the market. Not long ago, China’s payment sector was, by and large, not accessible to foreign players, although many foreign players wish to enter into the rapidly growing Chinese payment market and many domestic payment service providers wish to have certain foreign participation as a way to gain access to the offshore capital market.
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作者:周昕 虞磊珉 金杜律师事务所金融资本部

近日, 经国务院批准, 中国人民银行发布并自即日实施《中国人民银行公告〔2018〕第7号》(以下简称《公告》), 明确外商投资支付机构的准入和监管政策, 在境内外支付行业中引发广泛关注。随着传统商业场景与互联网场景的深入结合, 第三方支付机构(以下简称“支付机构”)作为商业模式”最后一公里”设施提供方之一, 其价值也受到了市场的热捧, 越来越多的外资机构希望进入中国支付服务市场, 同时境内支付机构开展境外资本运作的意愿也空前高涨。本文简要分析中国支付服务市场准入监管现状, 外资关注的支付业务类别与《公告》内容, 对外商投资境内支付机构所需关注的监管事项与面临的挑战予以着重分析。
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