by Feng Ai and Chen Xunan  King & Wood’s Finance Group

In the process of an Initial Public Offering ("IPO"), the issuer’s intellectual property ("IP"), such as trademarks, patents, copyrights and know-how, is often directly related to the issuer’s competitive advantage and long term profitability. The Examination and Verification Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission ("Examination and Verification Committee") often takes this fact into consideration.

I. IP Issues Arising from A share IPOs within Legal Framework

This article focuses on IP rights from the perspective of A share public offerings, and particularly on trademark, patent, know-how and copyright issues that have caught the attention of the Examination and Verification Committee.Continue Reading Intellectual Property Issues Arising from A Share Initial Public Offerings

作者:冯艾  陈旭楠 金杜律师事务所融资

A股首发上市(Initial Public Offerings,简称“IPO”)过程中,发行人的商标、专利、专有技术、版权等知识产权(Intellectual Property,简称“IP”),直接关系到发行人的核心竞争力、持续盈利能力等,历来为审核部门的关注重点。



A股IPO法律规范框架内,与IP相关的核心规定主要散见于《首次公开发行股票并上市管理办法》、《首次公开发行股票并在创业板上市管理暂行办法》、《中国证券监督管理委员会股票发行审核委员会审核工作指导意见》等规范性文件。Continue Reading A股首发上市视野下的知识产权问题