By Liu Cheng and Linda Davinson King & Wood’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Group

A significant recent ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals Federal Circuit temporarily concludes the U.S.-China tire wars in the case of GPX International Tire Corporation and Hebei Starbright Tire Co., Ltd et al v. United States et al.  The U.S. Federal Court held that existing U.S. countervailing duty law cannot be applied to non-market economy (NME) countries including China, affirming the U.S. International Trade Court’s decision but on different grounds. 

Shortly thereafter, China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) highlighted the U.S. Federal Court’s decision by issuing a statement to the United States to not impose countervailing duties on Chinese imports because to do so would violate the rules of the World Trade Organization and prevailing U.S. law.Continue Reading US-China Trade War Continues: No Countervailing Duty to be Applied to Goods from China, a Non-Market Economy Country