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The China Banking Regulatory Commission (the "CBRC") issued Guiding Opinions of the China Banking Regulatory Commission on the Implementation of the New Regulatory Standards by the Chinese Banking Industry (Yin Jian Fa [2011] No. 44) (the "Guiding Opinion") on April 27, 2011, which clearly creates new rules for liquidity and capital held by banks in accordance with the "Basel Accord III" ("Basel III"), and on the basis of comprehensively assessing the effectiveness of the current prudent regulatory system, to improve the capital adequacy ratio, leverage ratio, liquidity, loan loss reserve and other regulatory standards. The four new regulatory standards for capital listed above will be implemented on January 1, 2012.Continue Reading New Capital Requirements for Banks Postponed


中国银行业监督委员会(“银监会”)于2011年4月27日发布了《中国银监会关于中国银行业实施新监管标准的指导意见》(银监发[2011]44号)(“《指导意见》”),明确将根据《第三版巴塞尔协议(Basel III)》确定银行资本和流动性监管新制度,在全面评估现行审慎监管制度有效性的基础上,提高资本充足率、杠杆率、流动性、贷款损失准备等监管标准,并提出上述四项新资本监管标准从2012年1月1日开始执行。Continue Reading 商业银行资本监管新规暂缓实施