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By Sun Mingfei King & Wood Mallesons’ Dispute Resolution Group, Guangzhou Office

As Chinese courts rarely accept copyright disputes concerning computer user interfaces, the case of Shenzhen TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd vs. Shenzhen Tenda Technology Co., Ltd and Zhang Yabo (the "TP-LINK Case") represents a significant precedent in dealing with similar cases. It is highly controversial even for copyright or computer experts to answer questions such as whether computer user interfaces are under the protection of China’s Copyright Law or how to judge originality of a work in the case.Continue Reading Landmark Copyright Case on Computer User Interfaces

作者:孙明飞 金杜律师事务所争议解决组,广州办公室

中国法院极少受理计算机用户操作界面著作权纠纷案件,深圳市普联技术有限公司诉深圳市吉祥腾达科技有限公司、张亚波侵犯计算机用户操作界面著作权纠纷上诉案,对于同类案件的处理有着重要的参考价值。计算机用户操作界面是否属著作权法中所称的作品,如何界定作品的独创性?这些问题在司法实践中属于新生事物,几乎没有太多经验可以借鉴,研究版权的专家学者甚至计算机领域的专家对此也分歧很大。Continue Reading 侵犯计算机用户操作界面著作权纠纷案评析