determination of employment relationship

By King & Wood Mallesons’ Labor Group

Beijing Implementation Rules on Regulations on Work-Related Injury Insurance (Beijing Municipal Decree No. 242) (hereinafter "the Rules") was released and effective on December 5th, 2011. Based on the Regulations on Work-Related Injury Insurance promulgated by the State Council of the People’ s Republic of China and taking into consideration the Beijing practice, the Rules details the determination of work-related injuries, appraisal of work capability, and payment of work-related injury benefits, etc.

With regard to the determination procedure of work-related injuries, the Rules for the first time ever provides that if labor dispute concerning determination of the employment relationship affects the determination of work-related injuries, the labor dispute must be resolved in accordance with law before the application for work-related injury determination, and the time for resolving the labor dispute is excluded from the time limit for applying for the determination. In addition, the Rules establishes the scheme of designation of jurisdiction for work-related injury determination, i.e. when departments of work-related injury determination at district or county level deem that the application for determination is out of their jurisdiction, they shall report the application to the municipal social insurance administrative departments for designation of jurisdiction.Continue Reading Beijing Released New Regulations on Work-Related Injury Insurance: Time for Resolving Labor Disputes Excluded from Time Limit for Applying for Work-Related Injuries Determination




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