equity investment enterprises

By King & Wood’s Securities Group

Following the promulgation of the Notice on Further Regulating the Administration of Development and Filing of Equity Investment Enterprises in Pilot Areas (the "Pilot Rules") by the National Development and Reform Commission (the "NDRC") on 31 January 2011 and positive feedback from the six pilot areas, the NDRC is now determined to apply its administration and filing system to equity investment enterprises ("EIEs") across the nation. 

On November 23, 2011, the NDRC promulgated its first set of nationwide rules on the administration of equity investment enterprises, the Notice on Promoting Regular Development of Equity Investment Enterprises (the "Notice"). The main objective of the Notice is to standardize the establishment and operation of private equity funds.  This Notice evolved from the Pilot Rules and has addressed five major topics.  Together with the Notice, the NDRC also issued a set of forms for filing and guidance for EIEs’ constitutional documents (i.e. guidance on articles of association/partnership agreement of EIEs, guidance on the fund raising prospectus, etc.).Continue Reading NDRC Standardizes Private Equity Funds Filing System