Foreign Filing License

作者:张维 金杜律师事务所知识产权

作为世界第二大经济体,中国逐步出现在世界经济舞台的中心,中国的经济和法制也不断发生变化。随着中国国家知识产权保护体系的不断完善,专利投入快速增长,越来越显示出中国创新政策的优势,专利申请也出现了自己的特色。中国公司也创造了大量专有的知识产权,并对外国公司和中国当地的竞争对手提起侵权诉讼。中国第三次专利法修正案[1] (“新专利法”)也在很多方面改变了中国专利实务和程序。

这些新变化对所有中国境内开展的公司将产生深远的影响,特别是发展很大程度上依赖知识产权的公司。应对这些重要变化的最好的方式是什么呢?中国境内公司在设计其中国专利战略时,至少要考虑到下述几点要素。Continue Reading 对中国境内公司专利战略实施的几点建议

by Alex Zhang King & Wood Intellectual Property Group

As the second largest economy in the world, China is emerging to the center of the world’s economic stage. This emergence has been accompanied by constant changes in its legal and economic sectors. The intellectual property sector also has witnessed numerous recent changes. There have been significant new advances in China’s national innovation policies. New trends in Chinese patent filings have emerged. A growing number of Chinese companies are creating their own IP and increasingly filing infringement suits against foreign companies and their local competitors in China. China’s third patent law amendment has materially changed patent practice and procedures in that country.

These changes and trends will have profound impacts on foreign companies doing business in China, especially in intellectual property areas. What are the best ways to deal with these important changes? The following several considerations should be evaluated in determining a company’s patent strategies in China.Continue Reading Key Considerations for Patent Strategies in China