By Richard Wigley and Chen Wenping of King & Wood’s Intellectual Property Group

There has been a great deal of interest lately – both from inside and outside of China – in P.R.C. governmental policies aimed a promoting "indigenous innovation". In an April 2010 publication entitled "2010 Notification Regarding the Development of Determining ‘ Indigenous Innovation’ Products (Draft Seeking Opinions)"  (hereinafter referred to as the "2010 Notification"), and jointly issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Commission for Development and Reform, and the Ministry of Finance, some government initiatives in this regard were addressed. While it makes perfect sense for any country to promote "indigenous innovation" as a means of economic growth, it is valuable to look at one measure of  "indigenous innovation" — invention patents. Specifically, it is valuable to look at the growth in recent years of invention patents granted in China, as just one indicator of  "indigenous innovation".Continue Reading China’s Drive towards Indigenous Innovation Seen in Rise in Invention Patents Granted to Domestic Entities