Legitimate rights of the specific name of famous services

By Lin Jiuchu  Zhang Jiaqi King&Wood Mallesons’ Intellectual Property Group

林久初Case review

Teletubbies is a TV program jointly created by DHX Worldwide Limited and a subsidiary corporation of BBC for children. It was broadcasted by BBC between 1997 and 2001 and became very popular nationwide. Ever since its debut, Teletubbies TV program has gained huge business success and numerous rewards and was broadcasted by 35 media in 120 countries. CCTV also introduced it into China and began to broadcast it on February 11, 2002, since when it was adored and watched by a large number of Chinese children and parents. Apart from the TV program, its correlative CDs, books, stuffed toys and clothes were also very popular. As the name of a famous TV program and cartoon characters, Teletubbies was widely known in China in a very short time.
Continue Reading Legitimate rights of the specific name of famous services, TV programs and cartoon characters shall be protected as prior rights under Article 32 of the 2014 Trademark Law