By King & Wood Mallesons’ Banking Group

On the 24th day of February 2012, China Banking Regulatory Commission (the "CBRC") issued the Green Credit Guidelines (the "Guidelines"), which require banking financial institutions ("Banks") to encourage energy saving, emission reduction and environment protection by managing environmental and social risk(1) of its client. The Guidelines apply to domestic policy banks, commercial banks, rural cooperation banks and rural credit cooperatives. In addition, village banks, loan companies, rural funding cooperatives and non-banking financial institutions shall also adopt the Guidelines to the extent applicable.

The Guidelines introduced some specific requirements in relation to the following aspects:Continue Reading The Green Credit Guideline


2012年2月24日,中国银行业监督管理委员会(“银监会”)发布了《绿色信贷指引》(“《指引》”),要求银行业金融机构大力促进节能减排和环境保护,防范环境和社会风险(1)。《指引》适用于境内设立的政策性银行、商业银行、农村合作银行、农村信用社。村镇银行、贷款公司、农村资金互助社和非银行金融机构参照执行。《指引》对银行业金融机构在以下方面提出了一些具体的要求:Continue Reading 绿色信贷指引