By Mark Schaub King & Wood Mallesons’ Corporate group

Why is China Relevant for International Companies?

China will be too big for international autonomous car suppliers and service providers to ignore. Biggest automotive market, continued strong growth, right infrastructure, ability for government to implement, early adopter consumers, popularity of car sharing and sharing economy, new and innovative companies on the rise all point to China being pivotal to the development of autonomous cars.
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By Mark Schaub and Atticus Zhao King&Wood Mallesons’ Corporate & Securities group

In our modern, interconnected world hacking is an ever present danger. Hackers can break into systems to steal information, bank details, bring down targeted websites, access government websites and a variety of other fiendish acts.

Imagine though, if instead of targeting desktop computers, websites or even mobile phones … that such hackers could target cars.  We have tragically seen how cars can be used as weapons by terrorists.
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