By King & Wood’s Foreign Investment Group

On October 12, 2011, the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) promulgated the Circular on Issues Relating to RMB Cross Border Direct Investment dated (the "Circular"). The Circular provides that outbound investors (including investors of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) can make direct investment with RMB funds they obtained legally outbound (the "Offshore RMB").Continue Reading MOFCOM Releases Circular on Cross-border RMB Direct Investment


2011 年10 月12 日,商务部正式颁布了《商务部关于跨境人民币直接投资有关问题通知》( “《通知》”)。《通知》规定,境外投资者(含港澳台投资者)可以合法获得的境外人民币依法开展直接投资活动。Continue Reading 商务部发布《商务部关于跨境人民币直接投资有关问题的通知》