By Mark Schaub Atticus Zhao King & Wood Mallesons’ Corporate group

On 27 February 2018, Shanghai Municipal Economic Information Commission (SMEIC), Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau (SMPSB) and Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission (SMTC) jointly issued the Shanghai Regulations on Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Road Testing (Trial) (“Shanghai Regulations”)[1]
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By Mark Schaub and Saren Abgaryan

The move towards autonomous cars will herald a sea change that will reach far beyond the automotive sector alone.

What could be more exciting than a sector in which major car manufacturers such as Audi, Daimler, Toyota, BMW, Nissan, Volvo rub shoulders with new electric vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla and are also vying with established tech giants such as Google, Baidu, Apple, Samsung, Tencent and competing with new tech such as ride hailing companies such as Didi and Uber?
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By Mark Schaub and Atticus Zhao King&Wood Mallesons’ Corporate & Securities group

In our modern, interconnected world hacking is an ever present danger. Hackers can break into systems to steal information, bank details, bring down targeted websites, access government websites and a variety of other fiendish acts.

Imagine though, if instead of targeting desktop computers, websites or even mobile phones … that such hackers could target cars.  We have tragically seen how cars can be used as weapons by terrorists.
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By Mark Schaub, David Hong and Atticus Zhao  King & Wood Mallesons’ Corporate & Securities group

The smartphone is ubiquitous in our daily lives.

For many people life without a smartphone is simply unthinkable.

There is probably no nation which loves smartphones more dearly than China – all 640 million of them.  In China smartphones are used to pay bills, make bank transfers, buy a coffee, hail a taxi, organize a train ticket, order food delivery, hire a house cleaner, hire a chef, messaging, browse the internet and in some rare cases they are even used to call people.
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By Mark Schaub, Atticus Zhao and Xia Shengying King & Wood Mallesons’ Corporate & Securities group

In a relatively short time autonomous vehicles have gone from a flight of fancy to a fully anticipated event. It is no longer seen as a futuristic concept but increasingly real as governments are passing regulations and in even clearer statement of intent by allocating funds in preparation for driverless cars. For many it is seen the next major manufacturing revolution which will likely transform the global automotive industry. The World Economic Forum estimates the digital transformation of the automotive industry will generate US$67 billion in value for the sector and US$3.1 trillion in societal benefit.[1] 
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By Mark Schaub and Atticus Zhao King & Wood Mallesons’ Corporate & Securities group

On 15 December 2017, Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, Beijing Traffic Management Bureau and Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology jointly issued the Beijing Guidance on Accelerating Road Testing for Self-driving Vehicles (Trial) and Beijing Implementing Rules for Managing Road Testing for Self-driving Vehicles (Trial) (collectively “Regulations”)[1]. 
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By Mark Schaub, Atticus Zhao, Wenyu Shan King & Wood Mallesons’ Finance & Capital Markets group

The development of advanced automated vehicle safety technologies, including fully self-driving cars, will be the greatest change to personal transportation since the introduction of the personal automobile nearly a century ago.[1]

Although humans love cars they do not seem to be particularly adept at driving. Surveys have found that some ninety percent of motor vehicle crashes are caused at least in part by human error.[2] Accordingly moving the driving from humans to autonomous vehicles may improve safety and save lives. 
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By Mark Schaub and Atticus Zhao King & Wood Mallesons’ Corporate & Securities group

The PRC government continues to set the stage to develop self-driving cars.schaub_mThe latest salvo took place on 13 June 2017 when the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Standardization Administration of China (SAC) jointly issued draft Guidelines for the Establishment of National Standards System of Telematics Industry (Intelligent & Connected Vehicles) (“Draft Guidelines”) for public comment.  
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By Mark Schaub,  Atticus Zhao, David Hong  King & Wood Mallesons’ Corporate & Securities group

schaub_mThe move towards self-driving cars is relentless and China as the world’s largest auto market and a leader in internet technologies wants to be at the cutting edge of this revolution.

That self-driving cars is a huge potential market seems clear. On March 3, 2017, IHS Markit, the leading automobile market intelligence firm, published its latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Applications and Sensors Report[1]. This report noted that the global ADAS market is set to explode and surpass 302 million units annually in 2022 – which would be a nearly 200% increase over the 2016 numbers. This growth is mostly driven by advances in sensors technology that can be combined to provide better automated driving and includes aftermarket ADAS solutions for existing vehicles.
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