By Yin Juquan and Song Miao  King & Wood Mallesons’ Commercail & Regulatory Group

L尹居全abor disputes tend to occur among the contractor, the affiliated party, the lessor and lessor of business license in cases involving illegal contracting or subcontracting to employers without entity qualifications. To be specific, it’s worth pondering over who takes responsibility

By Yin Juquan and Zhang Yuanhao King&Wood Mallesons’ Labor Group

尹居全The Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security (“SMBHRSS”) recently issued the “Implementation Measures of the ‘Rules of Guangdong Province on Maternity Insurance for Employees’” (Hereinafter as the “Implementation Measures”), which includes a series of operation specifications in accordance with the “Rules of Guangdong Province on Maternity Insurance for Employees” (Hereinafter as the “Rules”), as well as in combination with the local practice. Below is the summary of several key points of the “Implementation Measures” to present the updates of legal practice on maternity insurance in Shenzhen.
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