BY Lucy Lu,Li Xin and Hang Ying. King & Wood Mallesons’ Commercial & Regulatory group.

陆慧文According to the PRC labor laws, an employer is obliged to ensure employee’s right to stipulated medical treatment period if an employee is suffering from illness.  In practice, when an employee goes to the hospital and seeks professional advice from a doctor, the doctor will take account of all factors concerning illness and health risks of the employee and then issue official medical certificate, with which the employee may apply for sick leave with the employer.  Accordingly, under this general sick leave application practice, if an ill-meaning employee is well acquainted with some doctors from the hospital who provides him or her with fake or improper medical certificate, the employee may apply for sick leave with the employer, an act deemed as unreasonable application for sick leave. What measures can an employer prepare to prevent the abovementioned situations from happening? And what measures can an employer take against the employee who has already enjoyed unreasonable sick leave? Below we recommend several tricks to employers for dealing with such occasions.
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