By Jiang Junlu, Jin Shan

Benjamin, an American electronic engineer, holds dual Ph.D.s and has rich experience in the high-tech electronic engineering industry. He recently accepted a job offer from a large well-known Chinese enterprise and started to consider living in China with his wife Rose and 19-year-old son Frank.  Benjamin hopes Rose will enjoy life in China, and find a job as well. Frank wants to attend a top Chinese university to study oriental culture and takes part-time jobs during the summer and winter breaks in order to enrich his social experience. Now, the Benjamin family comes to us with their questions about acquiring a visa to China.

On July 1st, 2013, the PRC Exit-Entry Administrative Law (the “Exit-Entry Administrative Law”) came into force. Its supporting regulation, the PRC Administrative Regulation of Entry and Exit of Aliens (the “Administrative Regulation”) will take effect on September 1, 2013.
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