By Jiang Junlu  Wang Shiyu King&Wood Mallesons’ Labor Goup

jiang_junluChen Yang is about  20 years old from Northeast China, and he had worked at Shanxi Star Coal Mine for five years for underground hauling since February 2008. In June 2013, Chen got a job in Tiancheng Company in Shanghai doing a similar hauling work, which however did not expose to dust. Tiancheng company did not conduct pre-employment health check at the time of employment. In September 2013, he was transferred by Tiancheng to a stucco decorative job which exposed him to a small amount of dust. In November 2013, he felt sick with  tight chest and coughed heavily, and was diagnosed as “third stage of CWP (coal worker’s pneumoconiosis)” with “lung abnormalities and a large shadow in the left lung”.
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