By King & Wood Mallesons

By an almost four percentage point margin, the British people have voted to leave the European Union, and the Prime Minister has announced that he will stand down in October. Market uncertainty will now make the UK a very challenging environment for investors for some time – although no doubt there will be opportunities, especially for non-sterling denominated funds. The many and varied impacts of the UK’s decision will be felt domestically and internationally, and the financial effects it will have on existing portfolio companies, pending deals, and the investing environment more generally will be a major near-term focus.

But, while there will also be a huge amount to discuss and agree as regards how this affects the legal and regulatory environment, it is important to remember that nothing has yet changed: EU law continues to apply in the UK, as do UK laws derived from the EU. (For KWM’s summary of the impact of yesterday’s vote on various sectors, click here.)

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