July 9, 2018, Siemens and Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the deployment of MindSphere, Siemens’ cloud-based open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system, on Alibaba Cloud. Continue Reading KWM acts as counsel to Siemens for its collaboration with Alibaba Cloud on the deployment of industrial IoT MindSphere in China

Today’s society yearns for more convenience, which naturally calls for more connectivity among devices to the Internet. Meanwhile, the need for cybersecurity has also increased.

Experts at the World IoT Security Summit 2018 – organized by TAAS Labs – commended China’s efforts in strengthening its Internet security landscape, but noted there is still huge room for improvement. Continue Reading Law professionals say China sees development in cybersecurity


在Taas Labs主办的2018年世界物联网安全峰会上,与会专家们肯定了中国为加强网络安全环境作出的努力,但也指出,中国的网络安全建设还有很大的改进空间。 Continue Reading 央视报道:法律业内人士称中国网络安全取得发展

作者:冯晓鹏 邓惠    金杜律师事务所 争议解决部


机遇伴随着合规管理和风险防范的挑战,作为海关法律师,今天我们不谈打折,我们来谈跨境电商应如何面对合规风险的“十面埋伏”,把握发展机遇。 Continue Reading 合规创造价值 | 6.18来了!跨境电商除了打折还要注意“十面埋伏”

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澳大利亚维多利亚州在2月20日通过法规,允许无人驾驶汽车进行路测。本文主要讨论澳大利亚目前通过的允许无人驾驶汽车进行路测的法规。  Continue Reading 澳大利亚各州无人驾驶汽车路测法规比较

By Alex Maschmedt & Rebecca Searle King & Wood Mallesons’ Melbourne office.


As driverless vehicles become more sophisticated and their economic and societal benefits become more widely accepted, competition is heating up between Australia’s State Governments (which are responsible for setting road rules and managing road infrastructure) to attract trials of driverless vehicles on their roads.

If you are developing Autonomous Vehicle technology or infrastructure, or looking to apply it in your business, the success of implementation will rest heavily on your (and your supplier’s) ability to test this piece of innovation. Understanding the legislative regimes that apply to testing in Australia will help you to make sure your tests are compliant and you can maximise the benefits of that testing.  Continue Reading Driverless vehicle trial legislation – state-by-state

By Richard Mazzochi, Minny Siu and Urszula McCormack King & Wood Mallesons’ Hong Kong office.

On 6 February 2018, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”) published a revised Guideline on Authorization of Virtual Banks (“Guideline”). The Guideline sets out principles that the HKMA will consider when deciding whether to authorise virtual banks to conduct banking business in Hong Kong. Continue Reading Virtual banking in Hong Kong and China

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为了推动香港迈向智慧银行新纪元,金管局曾公布了一系列措施和倡议,其中之一就是在香港引入虚拟银行。《指引》中多处使用“欢迎”虚拟银行的字眼即充分证明了这一点。公开征求意见期间截止于2018年3月15日。此后,金管局将考虑在此期间收到的意见,并于2018年5月发布新指引的最终版本。 Continue Reading 香港和中国内地的虚拟银行

By Monique Carroll King & Wood Mallesons’ Melbourne office

Our recent experience shows that a surprising number of Australian companies (big and small) are failing to insert arbitration clauses into their contracts when the counter-party does not have a presence in Australia. In most cases, this means that the contract will not be enforceable against the counter-party should they act in breach of it. If your business has not developed a strategy or understanding for using arbitration clauses in contracts with a cross-border element – please continue reading. Continue Reading Overseas Express丨AU Insight: Not Using Arbitration? Beware!