Regulation of audio-visual media

Licensing of broadcasting

The key regulatory framework is the licensing and regulation of broadcasting by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (Cth) (BSA). There are various licences, for example, commercial free-toair television and radio and international broadcasting services delivered from Australia.
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By Alex Maschmedt & Rebecca Searle King & Wood Mallesons’ Melbourne office.

As driverless vehicles become more sophisticated and their economic and societal benefits become more widely accepted, competition is heating up between Australia’s State Governments (which are responsible for setting road rules and managing road infrastructure) to attract trials of driverless vehicles on their roads.

If you are developing Autonomous Vehicle technology or infrastructure, or looking to apply it in your business, the success of implementation will rest heavily on your (and your supplier’s) ability to test this piece of innovation. Understanding the legislative regimes that apply to testing in Australia will help you to make sure your tests are compliant and you can maximise the benefits of that testing. 
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By Richard Mazzochi, Minny Siu and Urszula McCormack King & Wood Mallesons’ Hong Kong office.

On 6 February 2018, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”) published a revised Guideline on Authorization of Virtual Banks (“Guideline”). The Guideline sets out principles that the HKMA will consider when deciding whether to authorise virtual banks to conduct banking business in Hong Kong.
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By Monique Carroll King & Wood Mallesons’ Melbourne office

Our recent experience shows that a surprising number of Australian companies (big and small) are failing to insert arbitration clauses into their contracts when the counter-party does not have a presence in Australia. In most cases, this means that the contract will not be enforceable against the counter-party should they act in breach of it. If your business has not developed a strategy or understanding for using arbitration clauses in contracts with a cross-border element – please continue reading.
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By Alex Baykitch AM, Robert Edel and Edwina Kwan.

On 24 January 2018, the senate of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) unanimously passed a bill which, once enacted, will increase taxes on natural resources in the DRC and revoke contract guarantees for existing mining projects across the country.

The bill is likely to have a significant impact on international investors in the mining industry who will be immediately subject to higher royalties and a tax on “super-profits”.  Although the bill will not take effect until President Joseph Kabila signs it into law, this is expected to happen imminently unless miners and lobbyists are successful in convincing the President to suspend the adoption of the bill.
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该法案很有可能对全球矿业投资者造成重大影响——投资者不但将面临更高的特许权使用费,还需要缴纳“超额利润税”。该法案在总统约瑟夫·卡比拉(Joseph Kabila)签署后方会生效,但预计除非矿企和说客成功说服总统暂不采纳该法案,该法案将在不久的将来 成为正式法律。
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