by  Dr. Tilmann Becker, Dr. Christian Cornett, Dr. Sandra Link and Hui Zhao  King & Wood Mallesons



In the near future, the European Union may adopt a regime for foreign investments into the EU and such future EU rules may well reach beyond last year’s proposal from the European Commission regarding the establishment of a framework for screening foreign investments in the European Union. Material EU rules, however, will most likely not apply before 2020 (at the earliest). Thus, for now the focus in Europe is on the national foreign investment regimes. Continue Reading Changing Legal Environment for Foreign Investments into Germany

by Patric McGonigal King & Wood Mallesons Cross-border Dispute Resolution | Tokyo

Earlier this year, the Court of Appeal in England (the “CA”) considered the removal of an arbitrator for lack of qualification, specifically, experience of insurance or reinsurance (“(re)insurance”): Allianz Insurance & ano v Tonicstar Ltd & others (2018)[1].

Continue Reading Tribunal Must Accept Both Insurers and Lawyers as Members

by: Yong Kaichang  Jackie(Jiahe) Yu   King & Wood Mallesons  International Partner of Securities Group

In cross border transactions, there is sometimes a misconception amongst both PRC and foreign parties that all contracts are by and large the same, whether governed by PRC law or foreign law, and that the key to a good contract is just proper drafting. Continue Reading Global M&A: Know the differences btw PRC & foreign law contracts

作者:夏东霞,杨婷,王琦   金杜律师事务所  争议解决部


目前,美国认定内幕交易行为最重要的理论基础,是由1980年Chiarella v. U.S.[1]建立的传统信义关系理论。根据该理论,单纯获知内幕信息并不能产生“公开或戒绝交易”义务,该等义务产生的前提,是交易双方存在信义关系(fiduciary relationship),“只有违反信义关系所生的披露义务而依据内幕信息进行证券交易的行为方构成内幕交易。 Continue Reading 内幕信息受领人内幕交易行为的认定——美国相关经验对我国的启示(下)

The International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce has appointed King & Wood Mallesons International Partner Meg Utterback as an Ambassador to its Commission on the Belt and Road Initiative. The Commission will focus on developing the ICC’s existing dispute resolution framework to support disputes arising from projects and investments along the Belt and Road.

国际商会国际仲裁院日前任命金杜律师事务所国际合伙人胡梅女士作为“一带一路”倡议委员会委员。该委员会致力于完善ICC现有的争议解决机制并为“一带一路”沿线项目或投资所产生的争议提供争议解决支持。 Continue Reading King & Wood Mallesons International Partner Meg Utterback has been appointed as an Ambassador to its Commission on the Belt and Road Initiative by The International Court of Arbitration of ICC 金杜国际合伙人胡梅女士受聘担任国际商会国际仲裁院“一带一路”倡议委员会委员

by:Laura Luo, Thomas Hsieh    King & Wood Mallesons

On June 18, 2018, in conjunction with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019, the United States Senate passed a new bill (the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act of 2018, or “FIRRMA”) that aims to enhance the powers of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (“CFIUS”).  Continue Reading U.S. Senate Passes Bill to Enhance CFIUS’s Power

作者:Laura Luo, Thomas Hsieh    金杜律师事务所  公司业务部

2018年6月18日,伴随着《2019财年国防授权法案》的通过,美国参议院还通过了一项新的法案——《外国投资风险审查现代化法案》(the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act of 2018,简称“FIRRMA法案”)。该法案旨在扩大美国外国投资委员会(the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States,简称“CFIUS”)的权限。 Continue Reading 美国参议院通过扩大CFIUS权限的法案

by:James Wang   Alexandra Pieniazek   BellaSkuthorp    King & Wood Mallesons

While there is no universal approach to costs awards in international arbitration, “costs follow the event” is the starting point for most tribunals. As demonstrated by two studies discussed in this article, an emerging trend is to couple this approach with “adjusted” costs orders which reflect the relative success of the parties in the arbitration and the parties’ conduct in the arbitration. This trend makes costs allocation a potentially powerful tool in ensuring the efficiency of proceedings. Continue Reading Costs in international arbitration

作者:James Wang   Alexandra Pieniazek   BellaSkuthorp   金杜律师事务所  争议解决部

虽然在国际仲裁中没有统一的仲裁费用承担方式,“根据争议结果分摊仲裁费用”(”costs follow the event”)是大多数仲裁庭分配费用的原则。下文提到的两项研究表明,一种新兴的趋势是将上述费用分配原则“调整”为将当事人在仲裁中的胜负及其行为相结合的仲裁费用分配裁定,使仲裁费用的承担成为保障仲裁效率的一个潜在的有力工具。

Continue Reading 《跨境》国际仲裁中的费用分配承担问题

by Guo Shining , Edwina Kwan  , Josephine Lao    King & Wood Mallesons


In recent years, China has experienced unprecedented economic, military and diplomatic growth. China is now regarded as the number one economic superpower by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the basis of gross domestic product (GDP), surpassing the United States. Beginning with its accession to the World Trade Organisation, there have been a number of recent initiatives that have contributed to China’s prolific involvement in global trade and investment including: Continue Reading The rise of Chinese investors as claimants: What are the likely impacts on international arbitration?