By Wang Feihong (partner) and Liu Ying (senior associate)

China has always been known for its sporting prowess. With a well-established popularity, the sports industry enriches people’s lives and has become an important sector for China’s economic reform. In 2014, the state department released Several Opinions of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China on Accelerating the Development of the Sport Industry and Promoting Sport Consumption, contemplating the rolling out by 2025 of a comprehensive system of sporting activities, with new products, a mature market mechanism, and catering for greater consumer demand. Sport industry revenue is expected to exceed RMB 5 trillion, becoming a driving force of economic and social advancement.

Sporting tournaments, an integral part of sport activity, are a key component behind the success of the industry. Accordingly the state department is promoting various types of sports tournaments.

This article discusses whether sports tournaments are protected by copyright, which would facilitate the development of the sports industry.

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