By Susan Ning, Yin Ranran and Angie Ng

An instant noodle manufacturer recently announced that it decided to increase prices for its "container instant noodle" (referring to both instant noodles packaged into a variety of "cup-like" or rectangular containers) from 1 April 2011. In China, this instant noodle manufacturer is considered one of the leading brands in relation to the instant noodle industry.  According to press reports, the instant noodle manufacturer has announced that due to increased transportation and raw materials (e.g. flour and palm oil) costs, it intends to raise the prices for most of its container instant noodles to RMB 0.5 per unit – this amounts to an increase of between 10% to 15% from current prices. [Note:  In the past month, several manufacturers of household and daily care products also made announcements that they were intending to increase prices of specified products due to an increase in price in raw materials.  See our article entitled Price Hikes for Washing Powders, Soaps and Shampoos expected in AprilContinue Reading Businesses Should Be Cautious in Making Advance Price Increase Announcement

By: Mark Schaub and Luo Bin, King & Wood’s Corporate Group and Shanghai Office

On December 14, 2010, the State Administration of Taxation (“SAT”) promulgated an Announcement on Issues Concerning the Verification of Taxation Basis of Individual Income Tax Payable on Equity Transfer Income (“Announcement”). The Announcement will come into effect on January 14, 2010.Continue Reading PRC Tax Authorities Take a Closer Look at Low Share Transaction Prices