China Trademark Office

By King & Wood Mallesons

The Trademark Office of the Administration for Industry and Commerce of China recently posted on its official website a notice of reducing its charging standards for trademark registration etc. by 50% from April 1, 2017, details of which are as follows:
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King & Wood’s Trademark Group

On November 9, 2011, the China Trademark Office (the "TMO") has partially adjusted its official website for the purpose of facilitating the public in browsing and searching information about recordal of pledges of exclusive rights to registered trademarks. The adjustments are in respect of the place of the information, the means of disclosure and the items of disclosure.

Thanks to such adjustments, the public may directly search whether the exclusive right of a registered trademark is pledged in the column "Use of Trademark Rights" on the TMO website, including name of the pledgor, name of the pledgee, the registration number of the pledged trademark, and validity period of the pledge. Moreover, the pledge information in e-charts has changed to web links below which the public may find a collection of information of pledges as of November 2009.

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