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Recently, GreenTree Inn Hotel ("GreenTree"), an economy hotel chain that owns over 450 chain hotels in almost 150 cites in China, brought a lawsuit against a local hotel named "Green Home Business Hotel" ("Green Home"), which is located in the Yanchen City, Jiangsu Province, for the alleged trademark infringement and unfair competition. GreenTree’s mark in actual use, namely,  , consists of three parts, an oak tree device and the English of "GreenTree Inn" in an eclipse and Chinese Tradename of the hotel "格林豪泰" below the eclipse. In fact, in the four-character Chinese Tradename of GreenTree, only the first two correspond to "Green" in sound and the latter two are irrelevant to the word "GreenTree Inn" in either sound or concept, which pronounce "Hao" and "Tai", meaning "Generous" and "Peaceful", respectively.Continue Reading “Green Home” Accused of Being Copycat of “GreenTree Inn”


日前,格林豪泰酒店(以下简称“格林豪泰”),一家在中国近150个城市拥有超过450家正在经营的经济型连锁酒店,起诉盐城市亭湖区一酒店“格林之家商务酒店”(以下简称“格林之家”)商标侵权和不正当竞争。格林豪泰在实际使用中的商标图样为,基本构造为椭圆形图案内包含橡树图、英文“GreenTree Inn”,以及椭圆形图案下方的“格林豪泰酒店”字样。值得注意的是格林豪泰酒店的中文名字与其英文名字GreenTree Inn并不完全对应。Continue Reading 格林豪泰酒店起诉”格林之家商务酒店”商标侵权