The field of biotechnology is growing rapidly and the number of patent applications is skyrocketing. CAR-T, gene editing, and coronavirus vaccines have become hotspots due to their extremely high clinical value or due to epidemic outbreaks. Because of complex ethical issues, the rapid development and the unpredictability of biotechnology, there is particularity existing in the field of biotechnology, which means the policy and criteria of examinations are frequently changing. It would be very helpful for the applicant (or the patentee) to understand the dynamic changes in the examination criteria in the field timely and accurately, so that they can obtain and maintain their patent rights and protect their legitimate rights and interests successfully. This article analyzes the dynamic changes of examination in this field from three angles – sufficiency of disclosure, supportiveness of claims and inventive step, and further provides some strategies and suggestions based on these analyses.
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The Novel Coronavirus outbreak has significantly affected the world. The situation remains volatile, with new and evolving measures being imposed rapidly to tackle quickly changing circumstances. Companies and businesses are taking cost-cutting and remedial measures, assessing the state of their existing contractual rights and obligations, and restructuring their businesses in response to the present situation.
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It is clear the virus will lead to economic issues. China today is a major part of global supply chains. Germany may be particularly at risk given its high level of trade with China. China was Germany’s most important trading partner in 2019, with a volume of trade slightly above 200 billion euros.
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Although force majeure clauses are largely considered as “boilerplate” provisions in U.S. contracts, events such as the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, and its ongoing extremely disruptive effects in China and across the globe, are bringing the concept of force majeure into sharp focus.
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