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By Susan Ning, Liwei Wang and Hazel Yin

On 27 December 2011, the Ministry of Commerce ("MOFCOM") made a press release on its major merger enforcement work in 2011.1  Mr. Shang Ming, Director General of MOFCOM’s Anti-monopoly Bureau and Chairman of the General Office of the State Council’s Anti-monopoly Commission, gave a briefing at the press release and responded to press inquiries.

According to Mr. Shang, from January to mid-December, 2011, MOFCOM received a total of 194 merger control filings, an increase of 43% compared to the same period last year. Among the received filings, 179 filings have been accepted and 160 filings have been reviewed and closed.

Of the 160 closed cases, 151 cases were granted unconditional approval (94%), 4 cases were granted conditional approval (3%), and 5 cases were withdrawn by the applicants after case acceptance (3%). A breakdown of the filings by the industrial classification for national economic activities is as follows:Continue Reading AMB Director Shang Ming Speaks on Merger Enforcement in 2011

By Susan Ning and Huang Jing

On 21 September 2011, Mr. Shang Ming, Director General of MOFCOM’s Anti-Monopoly Bureau revealed the yearly merger control statistics at the BRICS International Competition Conference 2011 held in Beijing.

According to Mr. Shang, the merger control statistics for 2008, 2009 and 2010 are as follows: 

     Case numbers
  Year Cleared without conditions  Cleared with conditions 


2008                           16                          1         0
2009                           75                         4        1
2010                           116                         1        0

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