By Susan Ning, Liu Jia and Angie Ng

On 25 April 2011, the Supreme People’s Court (the Court) published draft rules which govern Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) private actions (Draft Rules)1.   These Draft Rules are entitled "Provisions on Issues Concerning the Application of Law in relation to Trials of Monopoly Civil Dispute Cases".  The Court will consult on these Draft Rules till 1 June 2011.

We note that these Draft Rules provide for applicants to file "joint" applications with others against respondents.  This article outlines what the Draft Rules say about joint applications and outlines how this interacts with the joint application regime pursuant to China’s Civil Procedure Law.

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作者:刘军 金杜律师事务所 广州分所 国内诉讼部


此次调整将大大减少各高级法院受理一审案件以及最高法院受理二审案件的数量,但同时会导致基层法院受理一审案件数量的激增,相应地中级法院二审案件的办案压力也会一定程度的增大。可以说,新标准的实施后,绝大部分民商事案件的一审、二审工作将由基层法院和中级法院承担。Continue Reading 关于最高法院调整一审民商事案件级别管辖标准的一点看法