By Mark Schaub  King & Wood Mallesons’ FDI Group

According to Chinese media reports last year, six children died and nearly 300,000 others were sickened after consuming milk powder containing melamine, a toxic industrial chemical that was added to show a higher protein level in the milk powder. The melamine contamination of dairy products was discovered to be widespread. Concerns about food safety have surfaced in China long before the melamine dairy scare: sub-standard baby milk produced in Anhui, Longkou noodles containing lead from Shandong, fake alcohol in Guangdong, soy sauce made from human hair (still not clear how that works in practice), eggs with melamine – this list is long and a cause of grave concern to Chinese consumers.
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By: Li Yongmei King & Wood’s Domestic Litigation & Arbitration Practice

Recent issues regarding Chinese products have focused on the gaps remaining in the law.  However, the gaps are quickly closing.  Product safety has become a top priority for China. Chinese authorities have streamlined the legislative process for product recalls at all levels…Continue Reading Chinese Law on Product Recalls- A Work in Progress