By Liu Xinyu Feng Xiaopeng King & Wood Mallesons’ Customs& Trade Compliance team

According to the China Cross-Border E-Commerce Development Almanac (2017), in 2016, the total volume of cross-border export and import online retail reached RMB 54.343 billion. This figure represents an increase of 42.44% on a year-on-year basis. The total import tax in 2017 reached RMB 2.62 billion, increased by 545.11% when compared to 2016. Cross-border e-commerce has grown increasingly popular in recent years as a distinct model from traditional modes of business operation. As a result of this, administrative oversight on cross-border e-commerce (including finance, commerce, customs, customs inspection, foreign exchange, tax, etc.) is also undergoing a process of change. In this process, there has emerged much controversy over the legal nature of and liability related to cross-border e-commerce.
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