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One reader puts forward some questions regarding tort liability of the on-line BBS owners:

I am interested in the court’s decision in Wang Hai Yang case but do not read Chinese. I note that the case has been appealed and want to know the court’s decision particularly on the tort liability law and the right to reputation and privacy. Since the Tort Liability Law came into effect, I want to know if there had been any changes to the court’s interpretation to right to privacy and right to reputation after Wang Fei case.

For your questions, please see below our reply:Continue Reading Comments to ‘Tort Law Provides Supplementary Protection to IP Rights’

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The Tort Law of People’s Republic of China was adopted on December 26, 2009, under which the IP rights, including copyrights, patent rights, and exclusive rights to use trademarks, are protected as individual rights and interests. Wang Shengming, vice-chairman of the Legislative Affairs Commission under NPC, commented, "Tort Law provides supplementary reference to the protection of IP rights."Continue Reading Tort Law Provides Supplementary Protection to IP Rights