By King & Wood Mallesons

King & Wood Mallesons has updated its guide to doing business in Australia.

Australia welcomes and encourages foreign investment and has a favourable investment environment.  Investments that create exports, replace imports, introduce new technology or create employment are

particularly welcome.

Australia offers significant benefits for foreign investors, including:

  • a resilient and diverse economy with low inflation;
  • a transparent and liberal process for approval of foreign investment;
  • low barriers to trade and investment, with business-oriented corporate regulation;
  • a competitive company tax rate; and
  • a sizeable domestic market for almost 23 million people.

More generally, Australia has:

  • a highly educated, skilled, multi-lingual and computer-literate labour force
  • an emphasis on reform to maintain the best conditions for growth and investment
  • a business migration program, and
  • a strategic location in the Asia-Pacific region and an integration with global markets.

King & Wood Mallesons guide to doing business in Australia provides a general, high level outline of the legal and tax issues relevant to investing in Australia. Intending investors should obtain specific and detailed professional advice about any proposed business activity in Australia. King & Wood Mallesons would be pleased to assist you and provide further information on any of the topics in the guide.

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