By Qu Miao King&Wood Mallesons’ Intellectual Property Goup

qu_miaoThe Internet has introduced a new era of economic opportunity and growth, leading to the disruption of a large number of industries. It has also, however, given rise to a new set of issues and a new rights protection environment for traditional intellectual property (IP) professionals to contend with. This guideline will briefly summarize the challenges of IP protection online and offer measures and strategies for responding to such challenges.

I. Challenges and Countermeasures

Online rights protection is difficult mainly because of the nature of the Internet itself. The Internet is an open network with no central control system. Users can freely access terminals located in different geographic locations, and proceed to engage in a variety of activities without identifying themselves. Unless the user is using special public resources, there is no effective and accurate geographic tracking mechanism for Internet users; access and disconnection is free and flexible. This has resulted in the following challenges for rights protection:

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