For the preparation patent and the use patent cases, decisions have demonstrated the idea of conducting examination based on comprehensive consideration of the background of the invention and the prior art market situation of related products, which is more grounded and reflects the legislative purpose of the patent law to promote scientific and technological progress and innovation.
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In the field of medicine, the research and development of innovative drugs often require a large amount of capital and human resources. It often takes billions of dollars of investment and years of experimentation and examination before the drugs can finally be marketed. Thus, innovative drugs belong to a special field highly dependent on intellectual property protection. Only by strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights, especially the protection of medicine-related patents, can we continue to promote the development of more and more innovative drugs, thereby helping to ensure the life and health interests of the people.
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作者:何放 张玥 金杜律师事务所争议解决部

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By Mia Qu King & Wood Mallesons’ Dispute Resolution group

The case

  • Plaintiff: China UnionPay
  • Defendants: Jinan Daonuo Information and Technology Co., Ltd. & Shandong Yuntai Mingde Information and Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Court of Trial (Level): Shanghai Intellectual Property Court (First Instance)
  • Nature of Case (Cause of Action): Infringement of the Exclusive Right of Registered Trademark and Unfair Competition

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By Ni Zhenhua King & Wood Mallesons’ IP group

The Chinese patent litigation market is currently booming, with one key driver behind this boom being that many foreign entities and multinational companies are now pursuing enforcement of their patents in China because of a perception that the Chinese government has created an increasingly attractive environment for patent enforcement, as symbolized by, among others steps taken, the recent establishment of specialized IP Courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.  These entities/companies, though increasingly enthusiastic and optimistic about patent enforcement in China, are generally not familiar with the Chinese legal system and may have concerns about local protectionism and uneven application of the law.  In this article I would like to share a list of those questions most frequently asked by our clients in relation to patent litigation in China, and provide some basic and preliminary answers thereto.

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By Dang Zhe and He Shijia King & Wood Mallesons’ IP group.

dang_zheAt the end of 2016, KWM’s IP Litigation Group obtained favorable judgements for its clients in “Ariston Case[1]” and “John Deere Case[2]”, two typical disputes concerning infringement of well-known trademarks by ordinary registered trademarks. The two cases are respectively included in the “Top 10 Cases Concerning IPR Judicial Protection Heard by Courts in Jiangsu in 2016” and the “Exemplary Cases in Terms of ‘Strengthening the Judicial Protection on IPR’” at the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court. Based on these two cases, this article introduces and explains the evolution and development of judicial interpretations and practice relating to the protection of well-known trademarks, and therefrom draws conclusions and trends about certain adjudication rules in China.
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By Xu Jing King & Wood Mallesons’ IP group.

01The specific measures established in this case provide a guiding standard to determine essential factors of irreparable damage to a patented design. This case serves as guidance and reference for handling other similar cases.
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By Ni Zhenhua King & Wood Mallesons’ IP group.

ni_zhenhuaThe exemplary case of SAP SE

SAP SE (the Plaintiff), founded in 1972 and headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, is the largest provider of enterprise management and collaborative commercial solutions in the world. It is also the world’s third largest independent software supplier, with more than 102,500 enterprises in 120 countries worldwide using SAP software and over 80% of Fortune 500 enterprises benefiting from its management solutions. In the 1980s, SAP SE entered the Chinese market. Thanks to its successful operation over three decades, it has won great recognition in China. 
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By Mia Qu, Hannah Sun and Wendy Dong King & Wood Mallesons’ Dispute Resolution group

qu_miaoTo protect your IP rights, sending potential infringers a Cease & Desist Letter or Warning Letter (the “Letter”) is one of the most common tools. Is it a necessary step before starting any legal proceedings in China?What legal consequences does it entail? Are there any issues that must be attended to? How effective is the Letter? This article will try to project a bird’s eye view regarding everything you should know before sending the Letter to your potential infringers.

Purpose of Sending the Letter

Sending the Letter is not a condition precedent for the right holder to initiate legal actions in China. The purpose of sending the Letter includes:
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By King & Wood Mallesons

20 May 2017, King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) was ranked as a Tier 1 law firm in both Patent and Trademark/Copyright in the Asian Legal Business (ALB) 2017 IP Rankings for the third consecutive year. Taking account of factors including volume, complexity and size of work undertaken, clients, team, and the firm’s year-on-year development and growth momentum, ALB concluded the final rankings in the two categories of patent and trademark/copyright. KWM’s IP team strengthens its leading position in both contentious and non-contentious by this ranking, with outstanding and first-class expertise and reputation among clients.
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