By Huang Tao and Dai Yue  King & Wood Mallesons’ Dispute Resolution Group

Lacking knowledge of and exposure to China’s judicial and arbitrational system, foreign companies usually worry about dispute resolution clauses more than any other clause in a contract. Deciding which arbitration tribunal and what arbitration rules to specify becomes a sensitive and important aspect of contract negotiations for wholly foreign owned entities (“WFOE”) and cooperative joint ventures (“CJV”).

I.     Choice of Arbitration Tribunal

Contracts in which one party is a foreign entity will contain foreign elements, allowing the parties to choose their jurisdiction without restriction under PRC law. The parties to such a contract may decide at their discretion whether to choose an arbitration tribunal within China or in another country, or resort to ad hoc arbitration to resolve disputes.Continue Reading Forum Shopping in China: CIETAC vs. UNCITRAL

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在合同主体一方为外方的情况下,该合同由于具备了“涉外因素”,因而可以自由选择国内机构、国外机构或国外临时仲裁作为争议解决手段。中国法律对此均无禁止性规定。Continue Reading 外资企业如何选择商事合同的仲裁机构和仲裁规则

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即使执行程序开始之前,裁决债务人仍有机会阻止裁决债权人采取救济措施:对仲裁裁决提出异议的常见的方式是向仲裁委员会所在地的法院申请撤销裁决。Continue Reading 我能否在此饮茶在别处享用我的点心—-已被撤销的仲裁裁决能否在其他管辖中得以执行?

By Ariel Ye and James Rowland   King & Wood Mallesons’ Dispute Resolution Group

I.        Challenging the award in the place of arbitration

Achieving a favorable arbitral award is sometimes the easy part of the dispute resolution process. Where the successful party is awarded money damages and the unsuccessful party resists payment, the successful party will still need to take further steps to actually obtain the money awarded. Each step will present the unsuccessful party with another opportunity to resist or delay payment.

Even before arriving at enforcement proceedings, there is a threshold opportunity for the award debtor to prevent the award creditor from securing its remedy: by challenging the award, usually in an ‘action to set aside’, before the national courts in the place of arbitration.Continue Reading Should Arbitral Awards That Have Been Set Aside Be Enforced in a Different Jurisdiction?