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Cwigley_richardhinese consumers who have purchased and have used mobile phones/devices (including smartphones, smart tablets, and smart watches) often find that said phones/devices include pre-installed applications. These applications may be core to the function of the phone/device or, alternatively, be included by the manufacturer/distributor to provide

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On January 9, 2014, the Supreme People’s Court promulgated the Judicial Interpretation on Issues concerning the Application of Laws relating to Food and Drug Disputes (the “Interpretation”). The Interpretation strengthens food and drug safety, and aligns the different approaches towards certain statutory provisions in relevant cases. It focuses on issues such as intentionally purchasing counterfeit products and online shopping. It will become effective on March 15, 2014.
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The current concerns about the spiking of dairy products in China with melamine have expanded into concerns about the state of Chinese food safety generally.

The problem does not appear to be a lack of regulations as there are a myriad of  relevant laws, regulations and rules (including PRC Food Hygiene Law, PRC Product Quality Law, PRC Agricultural Product Quality Safety Law, PRC Consumer Rights Protection Law, Special State Council Rules on Strengthening Supervision and Management of Food Safety, National Plan for Major Food Safety Emergencies to name a few).

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