Company decision-making was under the spotlight in December 2019, when the UK’s Court of Appeal was asked to consider the “Duomatic principle” (taken from the 1969 case Duomatic Ltd, Re [1969] 2 Ch. 365) which gave credence to informal shareholder approvals in certain circumstances.
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Over the course of 2019, the Courts of England and Wales heard several cases which explored the circumstances in which the Courts are willing to imply terms into contracts. We have considered two such cases, Wells v Devani and Lehman Brothers International (Europe) (In Administration) v Exotix Partners LLP and set out our observations below.
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Looking back at the top eight cases of 2019 in the UK

Last year was an interesting year in the UK Courts for businesses and corporate/commercial lawyers alike. Whilst we do not intend to provide you with an exhaustive list of all UK Court decisions, we have selected 9 key cases heard which are both thought-provoking and relevant to those who are not as close to the UK legal system and which could potentially affect you or your clients’ business. Some of the key findings are set out in the summaries below:

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