determination of liability

By Dang Zhe and Jiang Zhipei King & Wood Mallesons’IP Litigation Group

This spring has witnessed several important moves in copyright law related legislation in China. On March 31, the National Copyright Administration issued the draft of the PRC Copyright Law (Revised Draft) (the “Draft”)to gauge public opinion. Indeed the articles on copyright liability for ISPs caused heated discussion. On April 22, the Supreme People’s Court, in a similar attempt to gauge public opinion, issued the exposure draft of the Regulation of the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law Involving Civil Disputes over Cases of Information Network Dissemination Right Infringement (Exposure Draft) (the “Exposure Draft”), which contains more comprehensive and specific provisions on the copyright infringement liability of Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”). Although these two documents are not in force yet, they can be assessed to better understand the legislative and judicial intent of the national copyright administration and the highest judicial organ on the copyright related legal liability for ISPs.
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 一、 对著作权法草案第六十九条的解读

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By Guan Feng King & Wood Mallesons’ Dispute Resolution Group, Shanghai Office

I.    Introduction

Dispute resolution proceedings involving aviation accidents are far more complicated than general dispute resolution proceedings because complicated relationships between numerous parties should be considered. Due to their complex nature, the successful resolution of disputes involving aviation accidents requires meticulous long-term efforts. Using a recent Air France crash as a guide, this article will discuss the nature of dispute resolution proceedings in aviation accidents from the perspective of subjects that may be held liable for the accident.Continue Reading Dispute Resolution of Aviation Accidents-By Reference to the Air France Crash

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一、 引言

较之于一般的争议与纠纷,航空事故的争端解决有其特殊性,因其涉及的主体众多且关系复杂,每一起航空事故争端解决都需要进行大量细致而漫长的工作。本文将以“法航空难”为切入点,从航空事故责任主体的视角,简单谈谈空难事故的争端解决。Continue Reading 由法航空难谈航空事故争端解决